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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello from Sibu!

Right now I am at a grand Foochow brithday/celebration bash for my grandfather-in-law at a Sibu hotel. Been seeing a lot of Sibu, eating a lot, & taking a lot of photos. Didn't get to go to Delta Mall yet. Might not have the chance.

Will blog more when I come back. Just a quick hi to all of you!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Delta Mall: Another Giant Mall?

I'll be going to a foreign land in Sarawak for the weekend. It's a small town where the inhabitants there are called Foochows. They work hard, like ants.

Hopefully I don't get to experience any flooding there. And I'm certainly not wanting to have any experience with any gangsters there. But if I do, I'll try to take some pictures.

One thing that I'll be looking forward to is the new shopping centre called Delta Mall.

It looks like it's quite a mall, rather than a complex.

I hope it has advanced beyond this stage when I'm there or else I will not be a happy tourist.

It's got SenQ, Popular Book Co, Skin Food, Nose, Hush Puppies, Gintell and Olive Diamond Jewellery. Other tenants include Lea Centre, Watson’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Giordano, Digi, Ogawa, Cinderella Jewellery, Aowa, Natural Living, Sonice Furniture, Union Signature Kitchen, Fabian Hair Design, Jolene Hair Salon, Sony, Boulevard IT, Sibu IT and First Worldwide.

The latest trend in Sarawak now is to have huge malls. Boulevard already opened for business in Kuching. The Spring has already sprung, and is opening in Jan 2008. And now we have the Delta Mall in Sibu. I can't help it but it keeps reminding me of the Delta Force.

It's a new revolution in shopping in Sarawak! We have finally come out of the jungle!
Heheheh Just kidding. It's not that bad here lah.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Money Making Audio Ads

Ka-Ching Ka-Ching!

I found this money making audio ad service. It works pretty much like Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Advertlets etc. It's totally free & the ads will play each time a different visitor logs onto your site.

The ads come in 5 secs and they play ONCE only for each visitor. So fear not. It's not going to loop continuously for the whole duration. Otherwise your readers will slowly die off one by one of ear cancer.

So each time the ad plays for 5 secs, they pay you. No clicking necessary baby! Which means that you can Ka-Ching once every 5 secs. You also have an option of 30 sec ads which I think pay more.

The good news is that they will also pay you if you tell your friends about it. And another good news is that you've got lots of opportunity to do that now cos it's still very new, and it's only starting sometime in Feb 2008!

So go ahead & sign up for FREE here. I've done it, and now I'm just waiting in pure greed. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAAH!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Spring: A Shopping Evolution Comes to Kuching

For hundreds of years, the growth & advancement of shopping in Kuching has pretty much stopped at this stage.

Kid: Ma, I want the Ultraman T-shirt!
Mother: Waitlah. I choose another Doraemon & Donald Duck one oso.
They got sale. 3 for RM10 only.

But unbeknownst to the hundreds of shoppers who still patronises pasar malams & Kenyalang Park & Kuching Plaza, a secret evolution is taking place.

Come 2008, Kuching will never be the same again!

“With The Spring, sophisticated lifestyle shopping will have arrived for the people of Sarawak."
Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh,
Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism and Urban Development.
( NST )


Aaaaaaaaahhhhh. (Echo) Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.

“We’ve had complaints from Arab tourists in particular about Kuching – that unlike KL, it lacks the shopping attractions they want,” Tourism Wong added.

Well now you can! Here's the list of confirmed shops which will open at The Spring:

Apple Centre
Bausch K
Body Glove
Boulevard IT Superstore
Candy & Snacks
Charles & Keith
The Chicken Rice Shop
City Chain
Copal Digital Colour Photo
Cutting Edge Hair Salon
Eyesight Optic
Factory Outlet Store (FOS)
Fashion Girl
Food & Tea HK Cafe
GNC Live Well
Guess & Guess Kids
Habib Jewels
House of Jue-Bao
HSL Electrical
Hush Puppies Apparel
Jantzen Salon
Jee Kwong
Kluang Station
Kenny Rogers Roasters
La Primavera
Limited Edition Co.
Magic Bite
The Manhattan Fish Market
Memory Lane
Miniature Corner
MPH Bookstores
Ms Read
My Diamond
Optical 88
PC Image
Pierre Cardin
Secret Recipe
Simple Fashion
Sox World
Starbucks Coffee
Summer Dream Hair & Beauty Salon
Sushi King
Ta Kiong Supermarket (Sibu Foohchow Empire)
The Travel Store
Urban & Co
Wonder Toys

Pics of The Spring is 'borrowed' from Selfairy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ah Lien Sends Her Car for Servicing

Hallo Ebrybody! It's Ah Lien again! Ah Beng is busy relaxing this Christmas so he ask me to write sometink. I'm so happy & very exciting to write because he got pay me pocket money. I can go Christmas shopping at MNG liao.

Today I send my car to the mechanic Ah Khiong to check-check see got problem or not since it's year end already.

When he open the car, Ngai Tee! It look like don't know what.

One more day & mushroom will start to grow oredi. So many the dust. If like that, got VVT-i technology also no use. I asked Ah Khiong whether got rats inside. He say where got such thing.

The battery oso look like the I Am Legend movie. You got see or not? Will Smith very the handsome. I like.

It looked like the world after nuclear bomb explode.

So the first thing Ah Khiong did was to check the car oil. It looked as black as soya sauce. It reminded me of Will Smith.

Ah Khiong say I never change my oil. I say got leh. I always pump new oil at Petronas station. I think he's trying to cheat me. He tinks I'm a girl & don't know about cars. But I got watch F1. The drivers very handsome.

Next, he check the battery heads.

Both of them were ok.

But my battery was dry like keropok under the sun. Not even a single drop of water inside.

It was so empty inside. When I said hello, got echo one.

Car is like peoples oso. They need to drink water.

I think the mechanic use mineral water because it came in a special bottle.

This car is really thirsty until the whole bottle oso finish.

Actually Ah Khiong was very nice to me lah. He clean the battery until it look like almost new.

He said no need to pay him if I go for movie with him. When I said yes, he smile until his teeth fell out. Ngai Tee.

He didn't realise he has to pay for my movie ticket, buy me popcorn & drinks, & bring me to buy new clothes at MNG. And I get the car service for free.

But now my car looks happy. So shiny & new & fresh & got new power.

But Ngai Tee, when I saw got scratch in front, my heart felt very pain-derful.

Some more at the back oso got ah!

Next time must send my car to do facial. Never mind, my heart will go on.

I have learned a lot from this interestings experience. Now I know that whenever my car oil is dirty, must change with new mineral water. And when my battery is dry, must fill with new oil.

I tink now I'm qualify to be a very beautiful & knowledgeful race queen.

Friday, December 21, 2007

When Baby Diapers Become Alive

We know what baby diapers are for. You can't say that their job is fun.

But when diapers become mascots, they seem to have fun.

Watch Mamy Poko dance:

No, I don't think he's humping. He's just doing the MC Hammer.

I wonder how the kids would react when they see Mamy Poko move like that. Maybe it'll scare the sh*t out of them. Maybe that's the whole point. It'll sell more diapers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

AirAsia The Money Maker

I was flying Air Asia KCH-KL about a week ago. Since they did not serve 'free' food like Malaysia Airlines, I was worried that I would die of hunger & thirst. So I decided to order some.

There wasn't much on the menu so it was easy to decide what I wanted.

For RM4, a heavy mug of hot Vico sounded nice, so I ordered that.

However, the Vico came but the mug didn't. Instead, it came in a cheap wobbly styrofoam cup. At that very instant, Vico suddenly degenerated into a cheapo drink.

Not giving up hope, I shifted my attention to the Snack Attack.

After all, the lady looked so happy with her hotdog. Maybe I should get one. Maybe it's the nescafe that's making the difference. Maybe it's the mug. I needed a mug to make me happy.

Anyways, I went ahead & got this for RM7.

Yeah baby! Time for snack attack. This reminded me of the exact same thing I could get in KL at 1901 franchise restaurants.

Except there's something amiss here. See the red arrow? There's just too much empty space. It reminded me of the big puffy bag of chips that I always buy. When you open them up, it's just full of air.

I think the rule of thumb here is that when the food is smaller than your hand, it is not enough. It means that you've been shortchanged. It means that Tony Fernandez took your hot dog.

And this thing cost me 7 bucks. But as you can see, it didn't look like 7 bucks.

It looked like it was soaked in water for 2 days.

Anyway, the thing came with packets of Mayo, Heinz ketchup & pickles.

And there were step-by-step instructions as well.

It was pretty easy. 4 steps & I was ready to go.

Despite the fact that it didn't look like anything in the picture, it was still good!

And that's how Tony Fernandez makes his money. He makes money off the empty space between the hotdogs & the box, & between the mug & the styrofoam cup. So now you know.

Prologue: I went to check out the 1901 store at Megamall. This was what the actual one looked like. For almost the same price, it came with a drink.

Julian Beever: The Artist by the Roadside

I don't have to say much here. The pictures speak for themselves.

Julian Beever. Pavement art. 10 years oredi. U.K., Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Australia

Watch this. It'll give you somewhat of an idea of how he does it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Christmas Toy

Men have always been fascinated with gadgets. And in my manly pursuit, I've always been looking for a good foam cutter. The ones that are usually sold in shops out there are hand-held battery-operated ones.
I've tried a few before & they always end up looking like this after a few rounds.

If you go too hard at it, they go TWANG. And boy, they drain batteries like drinking water.

Today, I finally found the ultimate foam cutter.

I've seen this model before a loooong time ago, but never knew where to get it until now. It cost me RM88 after discount.

This is the father of all foam cutters.

Unlike the battery-operated ones, this one comes with a power plug.

And the power plug connects to the power box.

Just imagine the kind of engine it has inside. It really makes the hand-held ones look like sissy-boy cutters. This, my friend, is for a real man.

The wires run out from the power box below.

From the same power box, the wires also run along the top portion of the cutter.

When everything was set, I tried cutting a small piece of foam with it.

It worked. The foam turned into cotton candy when it touched the wire.

You can actually see the foam melting before your very eyes.

Like this baru got real power.

It's very addictive. You could spend hours just cutting foam for no reason at all.
And it was hard to stop, just like when we're squeezing bubble wraps.

Somehow there's this therapeutic feeling attached to squeezing things. Hmm...

The good thing about this cutter is that you can always replace the wire with guitar strings.

The packaging tends to remind me of something else...

Anyway, use the smallest ones. And it costs only RM1.50.
Since I'm musically challenged, this is the closest I'll ever get to buying a musical instrument.

After getting bored with the senseless cutting, I decided to go for the real deal.

It took me two hours to make this:

Yerdayyy! You believe meh?