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Monday, August 27, 2007

FREE Chermin T-Shirt from Zarina Abdullah!

I went for Zarina Abdullah's screening earlier tonite at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. It was organised by the Sarawak Film Society.

Zarina was this little lady who looked more like a college student.

This is how she looks like. I stole this picture from her blog without her permission because I lazy to bring camera. She reminds me of Sheila Majid.

This is eerie! The hairs on my legs are standing up and I have a lot!

Anyway, I was glad that she screened a few of her very first student work. That made sense cos most of us would have already seen 'Chermin'. It's showing now on Astro KIRANA and I think the DVD is out (the original one lah).

This is the poster for the film. I also stole this, from the official website. Look carefully at the girl in the mirror for a while. Focus your eyes on her face. She will move! Scary isn't it? It made me pee in my pants.

Anyway, the whole point of the story is that I got a free official Chermin T-shirt signed by Zarina herself. Wow! I will keep it in the plastic bag and show it to my grandchildren one day.

Myyyy preciousssssss!!!!

I think they gave it to me cos I was asking too many questions in the Q&A session. I think they wanted me to keep the noise down a little. And looked what happened! Wooho! I got a free AUTOGRAPHED T-shirt! Thank you Zarina!

Actually, that is not the point of this entry lah. I asked Zarina's sister Umi a lot of questions on film funding & from there I gathered a couple of points in summary (which concurs with the other filmmakers' experiences) :

1. Even though they got the loan from KEKWA/FINAS, it was still a process filled with uncertainty, a lot of chasing & follow ups, unnecessary anxieties, time wasted on waiting, etc. The bottomline here is - if you're applying for a loan, you need to setup camp outside FINAS/KEKWA.

2. Up to this day, the Censorship Board still does not have proper guidelines. Their decisions are still based on what's the mood of the day. But the good thing is that you can also negotiate with them like pasar malam.

I think we need more education, more viewer discretion, not more controls. We also need basic professional service, strealimed administrative procedures, and transparency in the disbursement of funds.

Hidup Cinema Malaysia! Merdeka!

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