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Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandmaster Datuk Bling Bling

Yesterday, Borneo Post wrote about how difficult it was to get a Datukship
(direct translation: Grandfathership) in Sarawak as compared to other states in Malaysia.

I was attracted to the list published below. These are the titles up for grabs every year:

Even more interesting were the colourful pictures of the medals and other chains that came with the awards:

Award Title: Dato Sri (Grandfather Sri)

Wow! You don't usually get to see all this from close up. I find all this fascinating cos none of us will ever get anywhere near it.

Award Title: Datuk Amar (Grandfather Grandmather)

The medals and chains seem to get more interesting as it goes higher up.

Award Title: Datuk Patinggi (Grandfather High High)

But unfortunately there's one picture missing. The highest & toppest award on the list is Pehin Sri (no translation available). This one nobody can touch. One look everybody scared oredi.

I can only imagine how it looks like. Maybe like this?

Grandmaster Flash...

with Bling Bling headgear.
Yoyoyo Wussup Homeys!

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