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Monday, September 17, 2007

How to Keep the Toilet Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang

I came across this sticker in a sort-of-public toilet today.

I think it was in the Indonesian language. Not very visible on the TOP RIGHT, it says 'Sayangilah Kloset Anda'. I think at some point in History, the Indonesians probably mistook 'Closet' for Toilet'.

The other interesting thing is that the notice keep refering to some dude called 'Pria'. He must have been one helluva legendary toilet monster.

Here's the direct translation in English:
Love your toilet.
Truthful way of using.

1. When Pria throws small water.
Open cover and Closet seat.

2. When woman throws small water.
Also when Pria or woman throws big water.
Open enough close Closet.

To remain always excellently clean, prevent the touch of:
cigarette fire, perfume, cutex, alchohol, paint, mosquito spray

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