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Monday, September 10, 2007

Malaysian Made Saladin

No it is not a salad dish. Saladin is the name of the warrior who united the Muslim factions against the crusades.

And this is an animation project with a budget of RM10 million developed by MDeC. It started as an ambitious feature film project in 2004 but has since turned into a 13-episode TV animated series. It is still under development.

The trailer is developed by 2 local companies - animation by Silver Ant, and sound/music by Imaginex. My eyes popped out when I saw it. And this only happens on rare ocassions - like when I see money on the floor, or when I strike lottery, or when I see dead people.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the amazing trailer!

A bigger version of the trailer is also available at

1 comment:

matt said...

first off, the stratigic value of burning rafts would be low, most ships would avoid them easy, expecialy given that they had so much room to manuver.
second the muslim armys were better trained and had better tech (the crusaders used serfs in their armys, look up the feudal system)
third, the crusaders only took jerusalem that one time because the muslims did not see them as a threat.
fourth there was very little convincing needed to get them united because the crusaders failed to follow the popes orders to do the normal army things (loot, rape, kill) with extreme restraint (just enough for the example, which was like a requirement for every army, just most enjoyed extra examples, for good measure likes). they ended up killing every living person in jerusalem (thats what happens when armys go on sieges though, they never satisfy the natural bloodlust and it builds up and is reliased as soon as they get it)
fith the origanal goal of the crusades was to defend the holy land... of constantinople. the pope belived that by calling upon cristians to attack the mulsim lines they could stop there advance on the byzantines, and then could use that action as leverage to convince the emporer to rejoin the two halves of chistianity. (the whole spilt thing was ironicaly caused by things the byzantines allowed that would distiguish them from the muslims, for instance the use of icons)
ironicaly there was one crusade where the church would not support them (4th i belive) so merchants of vienice funded them,in exchange for getting rid of their rival city. the pope angry that they attatacked a christian city excomunicated them. they then went on to capture constantioble which weakened the empire enough that it collapsed (but it held out for another couple hundred years which was pretty amazing)
of course capture of jerusalem was always a goal because it would be a great place for a front and it gained the support of the serfs, who only knew the byzantines as those people who got kicked out by the pope while kicking out the pope themselvs. in actuallity the capture of jerusalem angered even the native cristians, who were also slaughtered at the capture, and liked the good relations they had with the jews and muslims as they all enjoyed worshiping the same god but just followed a different main prophet (when mahomed fled from mecca he was protected by the jews, who latter helped him recapture mecca and destroy the polythiests. then the europeans pushed zionism to get rid of the jews and ruined everthing but that is another part of history).

the general the fought saladin the most was Richard the lionheart (the guy that wasn't there in robin hood).
if you look at their confrontations, niether one obviously cared about their people.
neither would attack while the other was sick, they would provide a horse if the others' died, and overall treated their men as if they were the disposable parts of the chess board while they enjoyed a nice game of war. it was like the two old guys that meet every couple days for chess, like magnetto and xavier.
so salidin great hero
not so much
awsome guy
hell yeah.
of course they changed the name of the opposing king, possibly because the real ones are also heros.