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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nicholas Teo: Kuching Boy in KL

I saw Nicholas Teo in KL recently. He was promoting some kind of green tea at Sungei Wang.

Never knew much about him except that he's a Kuching boy who has made it big in Taiwan.

This is also another photo of him.

Looks like a typical Kuching Tik To Kia!

And another picture of him on a red carpet somewhere:

Hehehe! Gotcha! That's actually Rain, another Korean Tik To Kia!
See the point I'm trying to make? They look like long lost twin brothers don't they?

Sungei Wang pics courtesy of CK.


Mei San said...

hi..i am nic's super fans!


are u frm kuching?

p/s: he does really look like korean..mayb b'coz of the eyes..but he is v handsome frm my point of view..HEHE.

Greg Wee said...

Hi Mei San. Yes I think he has star quality. He looks cool in his music videos & I think he'll look cool also in the Taiwanese TV series.

Yes, I'm from Kuching & from time to time I try to highlight famous people from there. Have to support them mah.