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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Note of Love from Kuching-born Director

One 60 year old man.

One 5 year old boy.
The same funny feeling inside.

That's the tagline of Linus Chung's new movie about love - A Note of Love which was released on September 20 at GSC Midvalley.

If you're thinking how come you haven't heard anything about it, well, it is a very small independently produced movie - sort of like borrow money from Ah-Kong-Ah-Ma-Uncle-Auntie and-the-whole-family-clan kind of film. But I think Linus got lucky this time cos he has some kind of backing from Nokia.

What's so special about this film? Well, it's a labour of love about the itchy funny feeling inside. It's about an Ah Pek who starts to get itchy all over again for his wife, and they go pak toh everywhere all over the place - at the cinema, on the grass, at the beach etc. And at the same time also got a little 5-year old bugger who starts to get itchy for the very first time.

For the benefit of those who still don't know who the director is, Linus is a Kuching boy who went to St. Joe and stuck to his dreams while the rest of us went the other route most travelled.

He is an animator, filmmaker and stuntman/fight coordinator. I kid you not. Don't play play. He will karate-chop and frying kick you and film it and make you into a cartoon.
I'm still waiting for the film to come to the deep jungles of Borneo. He told me once that it will be here but I'm starting to lose faith already. Kuching is usually out of the radius of anything new, hip and happening. At the most, we probably get to see the trailer only. So here it is for your viewing pleasure:

You can also watch The Making Of...Part 1 here. If don't have fish, prawns also can.

And then Part 2:


Linus Linnaeus said...

hey greg...

you're an ah beng??? what a coincidence! i am an ah beng too....

btw, the movie has both great and awful reviews....and I am waiting to see what an ah beng from sarawak has to say....opening in sabah and sarawak under hock star...

28th october or a week later
confirmed...and the cast are coming down...if all goes well...i don't forget my home city dude...never...kuching rules


Greg Wee said...

Well people! You heard it from Zee Direktor himself. Looking forward to him and his cast making an appearance soon in Kuching!

Anonymous said...

This movie sucked balls!