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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Return of Robotech

Remember Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and Lynn Min Mei?

Rick Hunter was the guy every teenager wanted to be.

Minmei was the girl that every guy wanted.

The latest news is that Tobey Macguire is producing the new Robotech movie under Warner Bros for 2008. And there might be a possibility that he'll play Rick Hunter.

I wonder who will be MinMei... Britney Spears?
Uhh...Not likely. Ooh baby don't hit me anymore. Your babies are waiting for you at home.

Or Miss Invisible... Jessica Alba?

That's more like it.

For fans of Robotech, you should visit this cool site
It has video clips of the TV series and even its audio/music clips! Here's the trailer for the first ever episode:

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