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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tsunami Kamikazes in Penang

Sumatra experienced an earthquake of 7.8-magnitude yesterday. It was also felt in KL and Penang.

It has come to my conclusion that Penang has a lot of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

The police in Penang probably warned, 'Jangan pergi dekat tepi pantai! Awas! Bahaya! Nanti ada Tsunami!'

(Don't go near the coastal areas! Beware! Danger! There may be a Tsunami!')

The people in Penang probably thought, 'Eh! Ya hoh! Maybe got Tsunami! Quickly go and see! Must go early otherwise too many people there!'

The uncles and aunties also brought their kacang and their picnic baskets, and their children also. It could be a spectacle of a lifetime. The Penang gangsters were probably also there, watching out anxiously for the safe arrival of their underwater goods.

I would like to say to the guy in the yellow flourescent jacket, "That won't help."
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