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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Blogger Almighty from Kuching: Kenny Sia

Hello Ebrybody! This is Ah Lien again! I have something excitings to share with all of you today. Teeheehee.

I tink nowadays Kuching got a lot of famous celebitries. All the celebrities you see on the TV is all from the Kuching. Got singer, model, actor, filmmaker all from the Kuching oso.

Got Dayang Nurfaizah the very small singer with the very big voice.
Her house is at Satok area, near the Petronas station, just before the bridge. Not many peoples know that, but I knows.

Oso got Tsai Ming Liang who makes movies in Taiwan.

The peoples in his films don't move one and they don't talk oso. Many peoples don't know, this is called art films.

Then Kuching oso got very beautiful supermodels like Belinda Chee.

This is because Kuching got many beautiful girls. All of them have very big eyes like mine. Teeheehee.

Nicholas Teo is oso from Kuching. He's very the cute, just like Korean singer.

When he sings, all the girls quickry put on their make-up.

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet the famous Malaysian celebrity blogger Kenny Sia.

In this photo, he look so muscle. I like. But that was a long time ago I think.

He was giving a talk to the business stiudents at my college. Not many peoples know that I study the business course because I want to be famous and beautiful businesswoman. So next time when I walk into other people's office, they will all say 'Wah! So beautiful businesswoman!' and forget to do their work.

Unfortunately the stiudents here have never seen a celebrity before. They were crazy about him. You should have seen them. They were like just came out of the Borneo Rainforest jungle. They were like the paparazzi. They wanted to take pictures with him, standing close, putting their arms around him. Actually, I can understand lah. They're just exciting to meet him. Seldom got famous people come to the jungle in Borneo.

If the lecturers weren't there, I don't know what will happen to Kenny. They would have gone wild. The girls would probably have ripped his shirt off. And the guy next to him would probably start thinking of strange things about him. He would have been violated like the puppies.

Kenny Sia is a very nice person, a Kuching boy at heart. He is just like you and me. The only difference is that he makes a lot of money from his blog. He looks so happy from all the money.

You can see that all the girls looking at him like they want to marry him, and his money.

In the talk, he teach us how to create our own blogs, how to get people to come to our blog, and how to make many many money. He is truly an inspiration to me & to all the other young peoples out there to be beautiful businesswoman.

Tankyu for readings,
Ah Lien

Ah Beng apologises to his readers if Ah Lien seemed carried away a bit this time with her enthusiasm & excitement for life, beauty & money. All the same, we thank Ah Lien for all her sincere contributions to this blog. At the moment I can't afford anybody more expensive. She is the cheapest that I can find.


-popjammerz- said...

yea really looks like Superman! XD
saw you dropped by at my blog, thx!
Btw yeah correct that Kuching has a lot of talents! Even the chinese newspaper wrote at article on that before at the entertainment section!

e l d y said...

wat he have say .. can u tell me hahaha. Anyway ... GOD BLESS U

Anonymous said...

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Greg Wee said...

Hi Popjammerz, Eldy & Anonymous. Thank you for dropping by. Sorry I didn't see your comments earlier!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.