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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hokkien Rap: The Invasion of the Inflation!

The price of Anchor Full Cream Milk rose RM0.90 from RM3.60 to RM4.50 per box. It was only RM3.00 at the beginning of this year!!! My pants fell down oredi.

I can't imagine cookies without milk. I'm sure if I check out the prices for many other things, my underwear will also fall down.

I'm sorry but the situation has affected me so badly that it has pushed me to write an original Hokkien rap song.

Ah Beng boh cheng ko.
Chao kee bay chia loh.
Goo leng kee kao see ko pua.
Ah Beng kui seen lao leng kua.
Tua tua sia, lo pee chio kok kua.
Chee choon ta jeet chiak koh kua.
Cheng hoo kong mai sua sua kai.
Cho tai chee ai ban ban lai.
Cheng hoo kong liau oo lee yeeu.
Tak jeet chiak p'ng puay tau yeeu.
Bo koo kok kay ay chin po.
Cheet choon rocket soot kee lau teng loh!

And here's the direct translation for make benefit Ah Beng glorious readers:

Ah Beng no wear pants.
Run to the horse cart road.
Cow milk go up until 4.50
Ah Beng whole body cold sweat.
Loud loud voice, sing national anthem by roadside.
Now everyday eat bitter gourd.
Government say don't simply spend.
Do things must take some time.
What government say got logic.
Everyday eat rice with soya sauce.
Not long country will improve.
Now the rocket shoot upstairs already.

"Don't sue me! I don't have money!" (Namewee)

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