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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Little Superstar

In my continual quest for quality family entertainment, I searched the web for more talented kids videos. What came up was a phenomenon called Little Superstar.

This was the first video that popped up. Without a single clue as to what this entailed, I watched it in utmost innocence:

Oh my God! This was really wierd. How did these guys think up such things? Are they gay?

Then I realised it was a mass addiction. Other people were just creating different versions of the same Little Superstar!

And it was getting wierder with every upgraded version! I couldn't take it anymore! It was getting grosser. I had to find the source!

The next video was it! This was the grandpa superstar of all superstars!

Ngai Teeeeeeee!!! Is that a human even?

According to wikkipedia (yes, it actually has an entry there!) :
Little Superstar is an Internet phenomenon, consisting of a video of Kingkong, an Indian actor, dancing to MC Miker G & DJ Sven's remix of the Madonna song Holiday, in a clip from a 1990 Tamil movie Adhisaya Piravi, featuring actor Rajnikanth. Various mashups have also appeared on the Internet using tracks from Cypress Hill, Michael Jackson and others.

The clip is from India and is a product of the Chennai (Madras) movie industry, otherwise known as Kollywood. The little person in the clip is actually an adult actor, and has appeared in several movies.

Whew! Ok. So he is human.

I am amazed. I am at a lost for words. Quality family entertainment do exist on the web! You only need to know how to find it.

And I shall continue my quest for more! Join me again next time for another entertaining & educational session!

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