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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Malaysian Astronaut in Kuching! by Ah Lien

Hallo Eberybody! This is Ah Lien again! Teeheehee. I got very excited news to share with all the readers!

This morning I met the astronaut at 3rd Mile Market place! I was eating the very famous Kueh Chap there with Ah Hua & HungHung. It was so the very surprise because the newspaper didn't say got astronaut coming to Kuching.

At first I didn't know. I said who is this hensom guy hah? How come so many people shake his hand?

Then because my eyes so big & beautiful, I joom in.

Ngai Tee! Got the rocket! I want to faint oredi because I didn't put on my makeup.

I show the picture to my mather. She say not bad. Quiet hensom oso. Can consider to hook him oso. Teeheehee.
Then the astronaut got sell the angkasawan newspaper. I don't know how to read.

But I saw the picture got the PM & Najib & the government. Got picture of the flag oso. Very patriotic so I think maybe they want to buy some more Russian aeroplane so that they can send the other astronaut to the space. Otherwise wasted mah.

So I very exciting & I bought one newspaper. Only RM2. Still very cheap, not like the price of pao, all go up oredi.

Inside got the many informations about the rocket. I didn't know the government already formed the rocket so many years ago. 1960s already got.

I asked the astronaut got blog or not. Teeheehee. He said he just start new one called Maybe you can go there to see his training.

Not bad, like this the Chinese peoples in Malaysia now oso got chance to become astronaut. Teeheehee.

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