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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Malaysia's First Astronaut by Ah Lien

Today Ah Beng's World is honoured to have a guest writer on the blog. Ah Lien writes her heart out about Malaysia's very own first Austronaut who blasted off into space today:

Hello Ebrybody! My niam is Ah Lien. I tankyu to Ah Beng for letting me write a few words in this blog.
I'm very excited & proud & excited that our first Malaysian astronaut is blasting off to space today.
This is the austronaut. I'm very excited by him because he's so hensom.

I like to look at the rocket oso.

Very strong rocket. Blastoff got so many many power. So exciting me. Teeheehee.

This is the Rocket station. I think downstairs got very big hole because the rocket blast very powderful.

This is the Rocket being carried to the station. I think they use LRT like KL one.

Wah! So proud got Malaysian flag frying up there. Umm, which one is Malaysian? The two flags on the right look the same. Teeheehee.

Uncle say cannot simply touch other people's rocket. Yeeee! So Ham Sap!

My mother & grandmother also like the astronaut very much. They say he's very tall & hensom.

Everyday I go to his blog here to see his photo.

He's so hensom. He's oso a part-time model. Doctor some more. My mother say very suitable for me. She say if can hook him, it's like striking Toto Jackpot! And when he comes back sure become Datuk one.

The other austronaut oso ok. Can pass lah.

But my grandmother say he's a bit short. I oredi short, must find someone taller, so that all my children will be tall tall next time.

On his blog, the hensom astronaut says he'll be bringing a lot of Malaysian food to share with all the western space peoples inside the rocket:

Got Bryani Chicken.
Got Satay Ayam.
Got Rendang Tok.
Got Sliced dried Mango.
Got Banana rolls. I oso like the banana.
Got Tempe.
Got Ginger Jelly.
Got Roselle Granola Bar.
Got Kuih Raya Bangkit.

I'm very happys he like food. Because all this I oso can cook Teeheehee.

People say the government wasted a lot of money on this project. And they say the teh tarik & roti chanai experiments are stiupik. But I don't care. He can tarik my teh & spin my roti anytime! Teeheehee.

I think the government oso worried that the peoples are not very happy with this project. Actually that's not true. The peoples have always been very supportive to the rocket.

Malaysia Boleh!

I oso want to remind the astronaut to bring camera to take many many pictures. Must oso remember to drink many waters so that won't get dehydrated. My grandmother say when sleeping must cover up bellybutton, otherwise got wind come in. Must bring Vicks oso if got blocked nose.

I'm so happy & excited & happy! All my sister friends coming over tonite (Ah Hua & HungHung) to watch the cowdown & blastoff on Astro channel fai egg egg (588).

May the rocket soot high high!

Ah Lien
Tankyu for readings!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. Truly, I've to google to make sure that this is not a joke. So what did Malaysia accomplish for such an expensive show on a foreign rocket and technology? Needless to say, the astronaut and his backup had to be Malay and Muslim.