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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Miss Astro 2007 UPDATES: Photos

Ah Beng's World presents:
Miss Astro 2007 Winner
Joanne Yew

This Penang girl looks like a chameleon. Sometimes she looks so got class.

But when you blink your eye one time - Whadayyyy!!!
TRANSFORM! - Also can look very Lien.

Presenting also the other contestants:

No.13 Tiffany Hew (Best Talent)
Also 1st Runner Up

The girl that would please all mother-in-laws. My mother was right.
She's talented - in cooking & giving birth.

No. 4 Emily Poon
2nd Runner Up

Actually her face is very Kuching. Can easily see it everywhere.
Even my neighbour can look like that.

No. 10 Goh Yen Yen (Miss Body Beautiful)
Uhhh. Cannot see leh. How to win lidat? All covered up.
The judges must have a lot of imagination.

No.7 Sharon Beh (Miss Friendship)
The girl all guys want to be friends with.

And finally, Naomie Lim (Miss Photogenic). Sorry, don't have her photo here. She was too photogenic for the camera. The lenses melted.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, the photos above were taken by Dwayne Foong. You might think that I know him, but as usual, I don't. I just 'borrowed' his photos.

And these are girls who I think deserve some attention as well.

No.6 Chloe
11 out of every 10 guys want her. Very dangerous face.

Mystery girl No. 11
I don't know her name. Strange. I would have thought that's the face of a first prize winner.
It's the face that can launch a thousand rockets.

It seems that Malaysian girls are getting hotter every year. Next year, Ah Beng will definitely be glued to the TV screen. But for now, Ah Beng needs ENO to bring down the heat. Low blood pressure oredi from too much nose-bleeding.

Anybody with information about Mystery Girl No. 11, please leave me a comment!

More personal details about the finalists can be found on the Astro mobile site.
Read also Star Online's report.

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