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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Next Shining Star: Paul Potts

For every few decades, there exists a shining star who will carry all our hopes, emotions and dreams on its shoulders. And from there, it will soar and bring us to new heights we have never experienced before.

Pavarotti was one.

And he has passed on.

And now, a new star is already here to fill that void. His name is Paul Potts, a humble mobile phone salesman from Britain. Here he is singing Nessun Dorma on his first audition in Britain Got Talent.

Whadeh! So Power Emotion! Ah Khiong, my car mechanic dropped his spanner when he heard it. I think even Arnold Schwarzeneggar will cry like a little girl.

His debut album One Chance came out in July and soot up to number one on the first day of its release.

The photo so hensom. I think that's the only camera angle that can sell the album.

A true inspiration. A true talent. Ah Khiong already lining up to buy the album at Kenyalang Park CD shop. He has decided to pursue his dreams to become a Hokkien singer.

Special thanks to my cousin Mark for alerting me about this!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary and praise for the rising star, Paul Potts. Best of all: Good for Ah Khiong. May his pursuit find success and happiness. Please join the discussion at or and share your story with us all. Many thanks. Don