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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Phenomenon of Zhng

You must have heard this word before. Zhng is a Hokkien word widely used in Singapore. It literally means 'to decorate'. The actual pronunciation is CCHHHH-NG and not ZZZHHHH-NG.

Zhng is also widely used in Kuching in certain situations, for example:

1) To make up/dress/look beautiful: Ah Lien wants to zhng sooi sooi to hook rich & hensom men

XiaXue very the zhng blog: a suspected Ah Lien

2) To disguise as police: Some people secretly zhng mata to cheat other people

(Sorry no photo available: government very sensitive)

3) To modify car: Ah Beng zhng his kancil to become sposs car

This phenomenon also exist in other cultures in Malaysia:

1) The Indians zhng their foreheads with red dots for religious purposes, and zhng their noses for cultural/aesthetic reasons

Hoolamak!!! Scared the shits out of me! I thought it's the real Goddess with 10 arms!

2) To decorate: The Malays buy furniture from Singer & Courts Mammoth to zhng their houses during Raya celebrations

3) To circumcise: Malay boys also zhng their manly attachments when they come of certain age

Woohoo! No need to go to school today! We like the zhng!

4) In Borneo, the Dayaks zhng their bodies with tatoos

White people from strange lands also want to zhng: "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. "

In Hollywood, this phenomenon is also widely practiced.
Pomelo Anderson is one example.

Hello Ebrebody! My niam is Pomelo! I like to zhng my pomelos!

In fact, there is one Hollywood zhng movie.

In the movie, everything is the zhng.

Zhng the Face! Zhng the Hair! Zhng the Body!

Zhng the Car!

Aisay! Even downstairs got zhng the light!

The ultimate display of this zhng phenomenon can be heard on this podcast called Zhng My Car.

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