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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Taiwan Ta Pau Boy: Jay Chou

"His teacher thought he was dumb. Idolmakers thought he was ugly. But Jay Chou has become Asia's hottest pop star." (Kate Drake, Time Asia)

This is Jay Chou.

This is also how a typical Ah Beng looks like. In the world of Mandarin pop music, there's a lot of singers who look like this.

Nicholas Teo is one of them.

Then there's also Rain from Korea.
They look like they just came out from the same photocopying machine.

I do not know much about the Chinese music scene for I am a banana.

Definition of banana (keen-cheeo): A Chinese who doesn't speak mandarin. Therefore, the analogy to a banana with yellow skin, but is white inside.

Similarly, it's a coconut for a Malay who speaks English only.

And a mangosteen for an Indian who does the same.

Jay Chou is everywhere on the radio, MTV and also in movie soundtracks. He's written songs for so many artistes that if he's not singing it, others are doing it for him.

His school teachers remember him as having only one expression - the expression of non-expression. And after a career of R&B singing & songwriting, Jay Chou launched his acting debut as a tao hoo boy in Initial D.
Here he is in one of the scenes.

Here he is again.

I think he must have really milked that one expression dry, cos he actually won the award for Best Newcomer Actor. And just when you think it's all dried up, he milked it again in Curse of the Golden Flower to win the Best Supporting Actor award.

And this year he directed his first major motion picture Secret.

It looks like if there's anything left to be done, he's done it all. He has truly ta pau-ed everything.

Listen to Mama. A tribute to all mother's. You can see his baby photos at the end.

Qi Li Xiang (Orange Jasmine)

Curse of the Golden Flower soundtrack

Jay Chou's new cowboy song.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u forgot d egg. my daughter tells me she has white friends who hang arnd chinese n they call them 'eggs' - white outside (rmber eggs in other places r not flesh-color like here) n yellow inside!

Greg Wee said...

hahaha. That's a new one for me! Never heard of it before! How about blacks who hangs around chinese - it's the O-LAM (Local Olives I think) from Sibu!!!

Hong Yi said...

hehe. someone told me that blacks who act white are Oreos. :D

Greg Wee said...

Haha. The list never stops does it?