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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Ultimate Definition of Beauty

I never knew the true meaning of beauty until I saw this documentary on the Discovery channel sometime ago. It was called The Human Face & hosted by the mad British John Cleese.

The highlight of the show was of course not him. It was the special appearance by the beautiful, elegant, sexy, desirable, etc. etc. etc...

Elizabeth Hurley.

The ultimate woman. The perfect beauty in limited edition. Full stop. Whenever I see her, I can't help thinking what a dumbo Hugh Grant was.

The program was eye-opening for me. I have always been told that beauty is what lies within, which makes me wonder about the condition of my internal organs.

Beauty also includes the whole well-being & character of a person that makes him or her beautiful. Or so I thought, until this documentary came up & slap me in the face with this:

So, physical beauty = indication of health = fertility for mating = survival of the species. So any male readers reading this would understand right away that all of this still boils down to only one thing *AHEM* at the very end.

And men seems to know this all along. They've got a built in radar for that. That's why they always get straight to it *AHEM* without wasting time. It's because they know they have a responsibility to propagate the species. And you can't blame them. After all, it's all for a higher purpose.

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