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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ah Beng Wants To Be Final Fantasy Also

In the world of academia, I am most fortunate to be in touch with young people on a daily basis. They never cease to amaze me with their incredible fashion sense.

The guys have hair that looks like its doing death-defying stunts. If you were a lice, you'd be riding roller coasters in there. I have a feeling that those hairstyles came from Japanese anime. (Yes, anime as in animation - not cartoon ok. Only grandmas use the word cartoons)

Remember Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker?

Well, the one real common thing between the two of them is not that they are both pilots. It's actually the fertility of their hairstyles. Their hair seemed like they have been fed well. They were like meadows awaiting the cows. If you had hair like Rick Hunter, then Minmei would be at your door.

Minmei appears at the door!

Every teen wanted that hairstyle at that time. It was like a currency for girl's atttention. Without those hairstyles, you'd just look like this instead.

Aiya, just kidding. The two dudes are actually voice actors for Roy Fokker (left - Dan Woren) & Rick Hunter (right - Tony Oliver). Judging by their physical appearance, the only similarity between them & the Robotech characters are their same differences in height.

Today, Japanese anime like Final Fantasy VII: Children Advent continues to set the trend.

This one looked like one of my students.

This looked like another one of them who never pays attention in class.

Fortunately not this one. They have not advanced to this stage yet.
This sissy-boy is something like a she-male, a very popular item in Japan.

To be fair to the fairer gender, I also checked out the female characters. However, I couldn't find anything to write about.

The only thing that stuck out right in my face is the superbly proportioned gravity-defying body.

When we were young we used to emulate pop stars. I remember everybody wanted to dance like Michael Jackson. When I was in Primary 6, there was this kid in my class who always wore the bright red Beat It jacket. Up until today, I still wonder where he got it. Up until today, I still think he was damn hao lien.

Then there was also the Madonna lace & fishnet look. I know, those are so over now. But Jacky Studio still uses them for wedding shoots.

In every era, there's a new influence. It seems that in ours, kids want to be computer animated people.

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