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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Biggest Thing Ever in the History of Malaysia: The Bersih Rally

The biggest thing ever in the history of Malaysia on Saturday was not this.

Malaysia's world's longest pizza.

Nor this.

Malaysia's world's largest pencil.

Nope. Not this either.

Malaysia's world's tallest flagpole.

Nada yada nada. Malaysia's world's tallest twin peaks.

Instead, it was this.

In fact, it was so big that Ah Lien thought there was a Mega Sales Carnival going on. Panicking, she nearly booked an Air Asia flight to KL.

But fortunately for her, she didn't. Because it was just a bunch of people marching to hand a petition to the King of Malaysia. But it was no small bunch. It was a more than 40,000 people kinda bunch. But the newspapers reported it as 4,000 only. The extra zero dropped into the drain somewhere.

See the yellow people getting sprayed with chemicals & tear gas here.

Prior to this, just a few days ago, the Umno assembly seemed impervious to all this rally buildup. They were occupied with more important issues such as sexy Air Asia stewardesses and the amount of cloth used to make their skirts.

And when the Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin was interviewed about the Bersih rally on Al-Jazeera, he threw a tantrum. Hear his mad foaming ranting here.

Then again, I don't think we understood a single word he said. Kenny Sia has the transcript here. I don't think it helps much as he's still not making much sense even with the transcript. I can't help it but he just reminds me of Porky Pig. It's just plain Looney.

More interesting photos & reports of the rally are available at Screenshots.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

I say leave the friendly air asia stewardesses alone! Like that also wanna make a fuss. That's really cave man thinking. Probably jealous that they can't fit in the same attire.

Greg Wee said...

Yeah, I think certain species of people have not evolved much. Some are worst as they're going backwards - devolution?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

great post!if only msia were as democratic as the politicians claim, u'd get hundreds/thousands of comments...

Abdullah said...

Hi Ah Beng...

First time in and I love ur blog :)

Greg Wee said...

spread the love around man!