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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Elusive Kung Fu Panda Trailer

This is the newest poster of Kung Fu Panda - Prepare for Awesomeness!

Yes, we are prepared & anticipating, Mr Panda. Today I decided to return to the official website to see if there's anything new & awesomeful. For months now, the pathetic website had only one single poster to display. And that static poster has been staring back at me.

So today, when I got there, lo & behold! The Dreamwork team has awakened! There's now wallpapers & a special Flash intro of the kung fu characters:

Angelina Jolie as the Tigress.

Jackie Chan as the Monkey.

Somebody as Crane.

Lucy Liu as the snake.

Another somebody as the grasshoper.

And finally, Dustin Hoffman (not Martin Sheen, my mistake!) as the Master

This is the baddest bad guy that ever lived in an animated film.

Oh, strangely enough, the trailers are still not ready on the official website. I realised that they were actually out about 3 days ago on every other website that you can think off except the official Kung Fu Panda website. Then somehow, the trailers were removed for unknown reasons from most of the major sites.

But I managed to track them down. Here's the main trailer.

This is another one with Jack Black talking too much, & with too little animation.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

That looks so funny mann.

Jack Black is my hero.

Greg Wee said...

Yeahh. I think he was the best in Shallow Hal!

Anonymous said...

Shifu is actually played by Dustin Hoffman
Mantis is played by Seth Rogen
Crane is played by David Cross

Greg Wee said...

Oooopsies! Thanks for the update!

Paresseux said...

i think Dustin Hoffman was the one who plays Master Shifu

Greg Wee said...

Ok, ok. It seems like Dustin Hoffman has a lot of fans. I've made the changes up there. Hope that would make the fans happy! I've been getting a lot of Panda fans lately onto this site. Say hello when you drop by ok?

Anonymous said...

the movie was awsome

Toni Mantis said...

grasshoper!!!??? Of couse, is a MANTIS!!!

Greg Wee said...

You know what? I haven't seen the movie YET. I know, I know, will do that soon when I get the DVD.

Lucy said...

Kung Fu Panda was a very fun movie to watch from start to finish