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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Year but Not So Good Day

How do you know when you're going to have a bad day?
Well, when you're all dressed up, and ready to go to work, and you find that the tyre is flat. I mean really really flat as pancake.

How do you know when the day is going to get worse?

Well, after sweating it out in your office attire, you give up on opening the tyre nuts & bolts manually, as they were mechanically screwed in too tight the last time. I gave it all my manly strength, but they just wouldn't budge.

That's how you know it's going to be a bad day. And all that happened this morning.

I had to bring the mechanic to my house. He brought his lorry with a HUGE gas cylinder & a generator at the back. When I saw it I thought, 'Ngai tee! What the heck is that? I'm only changing tyres!'

It turns out he was using a mechanical air-pump screw driver. That was some heavy duty machine there, all just to open up 4 wittle tiny bolts.

So then I brought my car to his workshop to change the other worn out tyres. The towkay kept selling his MICHELIN tyres to me. I know it's better than the GOODYEAR that I'm using. I mean just look at the mascot. He must have been a really healthy baby.
Very well fed. Very the ho liaw.

As expected, the price is just as ho liaw. RM310 each. But the towkay's willing to give me RM290. But at that point in time, I needed to buy 2 new tyres, and I'm not willing to spend about RM600. A little bit more, and I'm almost touching the big 1K figure.

Who spends 1K for tyres? 1K is something that you spend on a holiday.

So I went for the cheapest rubber that he's got - SIME Goodyear. RM240 each. What the heck. A tyre is a tyre. They won't last. I'll need to change them again soon anyway.

Yeah, it doesn't matter. As long as I'll get there.

So how do you know when the day has reached the peak of Royal Worst-ness?

It's when you have to spend almost RM500 for two rings of GOODYEAR rubber!
I don't know about how GOOD the YEAR has been. But I definitely had a not so good day!

1 comment:

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Lol. Sorry to hear about your not so good day man.

I need to change some tires as well actually. *sigh. You know, at the rates tires are selling, it's no wonder Good Year can afford such a gi-normous blimp.