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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hindraf: It's Another Rally Again!

"Andrew! Come to the window quickly dear!
By Jove! the Mega Sales Carnival is back again isn't it?"

It happened again. There was another rally yesterday. This is the third one this year.

This time around 30,000 Indians came out to play in the streets of KL. As usual, the police fired tear gases & sprayed them with chemical water. What a great show. It'll keep the tourists coming back for more next year.

The rallies are slowly becoming an indispensible entertainment on the internet. It's entertainment value for the whole family. Instead of playing violent games, kids now can play The Royal Malaysian Police versus the rallies.

I guess once in a while it's good to see our police & our fire engines coming out & actually do some work.

They should have done this during the haze.

And as usual again, all this was followed by denials. Najib called them "stubborn, wild and aggressive" (Bernama). Meanwhile Samy Vellu said there was nothing wrong. The whole country was beautiful, peaceful, the government very loving & everyone's happy.

Here's Al-Jazeera again. I think it is quickly becoming one of my favourite news network.

All photos ripped off from Screenshots heheheh.

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