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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Feel the Wind & It's Name is TOTO

Yesterday I felt a wind sweeping over me. I don't know what kind of wind it was, but it definitely wasn't from eating too much beans.

I suddenly found myself in front of the TOTO lottery shop. The God of Gamblers has arrived! I was possessed!

Nolah. Before you think I'm an uncontrollable gambling addict, let me make this clear. I don't buy lottery often okay. It's only a once in a while kinda thing when I dream of how nice it is to be a millionaire - no need to work, can wake up late, can go out for leisurely breakfast while watching everyone else scramble for their lives & no need to fly Airasia anymore. Then go home, check email, blog & check the stock market. (I repeat, I am not a gambler. Stock market is an investment.)

I am by nature a very lazy person. Therefore, the idea of going to the TOTO shop everytime I feel the wind can even make me think twice about being a millionaire. So I bought 3 separate lucky pick numbers for 3 different draws (Tue, Wed & Sat). And it was not for any ordinary Jackpot. It was for SUPER Jackpot.

MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I vill vin & I vill roool zee vorld!

Being ignorant, I didn't even check how much the accumulated prize money was. I thought that whatever it was, it's definitely better than nothing. So I took a look at the papers that night.

RM1.5 million. In Kuching, when you mention RM1.5 million TOTO Super Jackpot, your Chinese friends will suddenly awake from slumber. Their eyeballs will expand twice their original size. And then you can start to hear their brain-engine click into action:

"RM1.5 million at 3.7% p.a. results in RM55,500 in interest per year. That comes up to about RM4,625 of income per month. Still not enough to quit your job."

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