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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linus Chung: The Little Frog That Could

I was at Linus' Filmmaking Workshop on Monday nite at Swinburne University. Well, I took it more as a meet-the-director kind of session instead of a technical one. He was back in Kuching to promote his new feature film A Note of Love which was screened in town lately.

I knew Linus back in those days when he was just venturing into a career in filmmaking. At that time, he was just randomly shooting videos left & right making short Jackie-Chan-inspired kung fu stunt flicks.

But he also made a notable stop-motion animation about a frog, one of his greatest fetishes.

Surprisingly, the little film travelled well to several film festivals around the globe. This frog could really jump.

Based in KL, he has since been involved in countless projects which led him to a little feature called Whispers of My Heart & an acting stint as Ah Keong in Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet.

By the way, he is a 100% mata sepet. Sometimes I wonder how he can see so much more than we can visually.

Anyway, so he was talking about his latest feature A Note of Love, which was a 100% locally shot film with 100% local crew & 100 local cast & 100% local funding in 100% local language (Bahasa Malaysia, English & Hokkien). So it was a 500% locally made film. But strangely enough, it was not accepted as a Malaysian film as it was not 80% Malay (I'm not sure what that means), & therefore not qualifying for the one-week Compulsory Screening at local participating cinemas.

And you will find it interesting to know that there was only one scene cut from the whole film. This is the scene where the little cheeky boy was squeezing the huge brightly coloured bras which was hanging out to dry.

I think this was too ecstatic for the censors.

Linus Chung has come a long way to reach where he is now, and the good news is that there is still so much more to expect from this little guy. Somehow, he always knew what he wanted to do, and despite all the odds, he pulled it through.

When I was young, I heard the story of The Little Engine That Could. Now thinking back, I can't help but associate Linus with that little train.

I think I can I think I can.
I thought I could I thought I could.

The little frog thought that he can, and he could indeed.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

I read about 'a note of love' and was looking forward to watching it, but I didn't see it screening at the local screens?

You know.. I think Linus will always be remembered as the chinese guy in 'Sepet' who said the magic line..

"Hang tuah, Hang hang Chee...." LOL

He certainly has done well for himself.

Greg Wee said...

Hi Wombok. A Note of Love was showing at Star Cineplex for about a week. I think they took it out of screening on Tuesday. Check last week's papers. It's really tiny, but it's there.