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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Penny Wong Set to Take On the World

That's the headline on The Age yesterday.

Labor senator Penny Wong has been thrown in the deep end by becoming Australia's lead negotiator at global greenhouse talks beginning next week. Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd has named Senator Wong Minister for Climate Change and Water.

Minister for Climate Change and Water? What kind of portfolio is that? Let's see now.
This is Climate Change:

Better do something about those glaciers Senator Wong!

And this one too!

While you're at it, see if you can fix this.

You see, those are only the side-effects, as a result of a bigger man-created problem like this:

Hazelwood, in Victoria, is Australia's most greenhouse polluting power station,
producing about the same greenhouse emissions as 3.95 million cars per year.
Hoolamak! Like putting 8 cigarrettes in one mouth.

Coal-fired power station in the Hunter Valley.
Danger - yup. You got that right.

Bayswater coal-fired power station in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.
This is the father of all smokin' cigars.

Let's see, what was it again - Minister for Climate Change and Water. Water, hmmm. This is a picture of the Outback in Australia. Everywhere you go, it looks about the same.

Where got water? How to find water? How to win like this?

I think she's been shortchanged. The Australians are just bullying her.

Boy oh boy, she's got a tough job ahead!

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WoMbOk™♂ said...


You really have to wonder what kind of position that really is. Kudos on the appointment though.

And whats with Malaysia trying to 'claim' her? She's Australian mate~