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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scared Until Face Green Green

That's the Hokkien expression when someone's frightened to sh*t.

And that's the expression to use when we watch films like this.

I used to be a horror fan and I've always found Hollywood horror films to be mild in those days. You could hit me with anything, & I could take it & was proud of it. Hollywood horror was for sissy boys. They were for babies.

See, even the main actress is a baby. How more baby-ish can you get?

But of course there is one exception lah. The Exorcist scared the sh*t out of me. Until today I'd still feel uncomfortable about posting Linda Blair's head-turning picture here. I took it out of this post cos everytime I came in, she was staring at me & sh*t came out of me.

Anyway much later on, when the Japanese horror films came onto the scene, I almost peed in my pants. And then when Korean horror hit the cinemas, I peed again. Since then, I am just fascinated by the kind of horror films that have come out from South Korea for a long time now. Looking back, it just confirms their paranoia about everything.

K-horror has put fear into almost every imaginable situation possible.

If your phone rings, you'd better answer it. One missed call is all you need.

'Aiya! Got missed call! Die liao!'

So in South Korea, people don't dare to do a lot of things.

They don't dare to hold hands when climbing the stairs. Got ghost in the middle.

They don't dare to go to school. Got ghost oso.

Don't dare to take the train. The ghost will come to check your tickets.

Got ghost in the shoe. And they smell.

Got ghost in the Cello case.

Got ghost in the bathtub.

Got ghost in the hair - can see behind.
(Lidat can make a very good school teacher)

Got ghost in plastic bag.

But I think compared to J-horror, the Korean films seem to be more paranoid. Of course, if you're living next to a neighbour like Kim Jong Il, who wouldn't be?

Gosh. He looks like he's permanently 3 months pregnant.

Watch the Kim Jong Il Ronely (Lonely) music video. Look for Adolf Hitler & Bruce Lee in his dungeon torture chamber.

Well, of course this music video just makes him look like a harmless lonely uncle. But he's actually loaded with nuclear power. And that makes the US scared until face green green.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

LOL at the korean movie posters. Had me at 'got ghost in shoe'.

But erm koreans are serious about their scare flicks though.

Greg Wee said...

Yes, and their fear of North Korea is vey real. Even their kids are 'taught' to reject anything North Korean.

ETA said...

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