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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ah Lien Sends Her Car for Servicing

Hallo Ebrybody! It's Ah Lien again! Ah Beng is busy relaxing this Christmas so he ask me to write sometink. I'm so happy & very exciting to write because he got pay me pocket money. I can go Christmas shopping at MNG liao.

Today I send my car to the mechanic Ah Khiong to check-check see got problem or not since it's year end already.

When he open the car, Ngai Tee! It look like don't know what.

One more day & mushroom will start to grow oredi. So many the dust. If like that, got VVT-i technology also no use. I asked Ah Khiong whether got rats inside. He say where got such thing.

The battery oso look like the I Am Legend movie. You got see or not? Will Smith very the handsome. I like.

It looked like the world after nuclear bomb explode.

So the first thing Ah Khiong did was to check the car oil. It looked as black as soya sauce. It reminded me of Will Smith.

Ah Khiong say I never change my oil. I say got leh. I always pump new oil at Petronas station. I think he's trying to cheat me. He tinks I'm a girl & don't know about cars. But I got watch F1. The drivers very handsome.

Next, he check the battery heads.

Both of them were ok.

But my battery was dry like keropok under the sun. Not even a single drop of water inside.

It was so empty inside. When I said hello, got echo one.

Car is like peoples oso. They need to drink water.

I think the mechanic use mineral water because it came in a special bottle.

This car is really thirsty until the whole bottle oso finish.

Actually Ah Khiong was very nice to me lah. He clean the battery until it look like almost new.

He said no need to pay him if I go for movie with him. When I said yes, he smile until his teeth fell out. Ngai Tee.

He didn't realise he has to pay for my movie ticket, buy me popcorn & drinks, & bring me to buy new clothes at MNG. And I get the car service for free.

But now my car looks happy. So shiny & new & fresh & got new power.

But Ngai Tee, when I saw got scratch in front, my heart felt very pain-derful.

Some more at the back oso got ah!

Next time must send my car to do facial. Never mind, my heart will go on.

I have learned a lot from this interestings experience. Now I know that whenever my car oil is dirty, must change with new mineral water. And when my battery is dry, must fill with new oil.

I tink now I'm qualify to be a very beautiful & knowledgeful race queen.


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you made me laugh - thanks ah beng! ;)

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Tankyu. tankyu. Tankyu.