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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Delta Mall: Another Giant Mall?

I'll be going to a foreign land in Sarawak for the weekend. It's a small town where the inhabitants there are called Foochows. They work hard, like ants.

Hopefully I don't get to experience any flooding there. And I'm certainly not wanting to have any experience with any gangsters there. But if I do, I'll try to take some pictures.

One thing that I'll be looking forward to is the new shopping centre called Delta Mall.

It looks like it's quite a mall, rather than a complex.

I hope it has advanced beyond this stage when I'm there or else I will not be a happy tourist.

It's got SenQ, Popular Book Co, Skin Food, Nose, Hush Puppies, Gintell and Olive Diamond Jewellery. Other tenants include Lea Centre, Watson’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Giordano, Digi, Ogawa, Cinderella Jewellery, Aowa, Natural Living, Sonice Furniture, Union Signature Kitchen, Fabian Hair Design, Jolene Hair Salon, Sony, Boulevard IT, Sibu IT and First Worldwide.

The latest trend in Sarawak now is to have huge malls. Boulevard already opened for business in Kuching. The Spring has already sprung, and is opening in Jan 2008. And now we have the Delta Mall in Sibu. I can't help it but it keeps reminding me of the Delta Force.

It's a new revolution in shopping in Sarawak! We have finally come out of the jungle!
Heheheh Just kidding. It's not that bad here lah.


WoMbOk™♂ said...


New place to visit in Sibu!

EgadS! You mean shopping malls in Sarawak are not on trees?? :P

Greg Wee said...

No, there still on the gorund. I consider 'on the trees' to be an evolution already.

Anonymous said...

My god, i think u ppl come from ancient time...who told u tat east malaysian live on trees? it is really ridiculous!! the state capital of sarawak and sabah r very modern n it can be competed to those cities in west don be misunderstood again as we didn't live in ancient time n how come such idiot n uneducated rumor can be spread over time?

Greg Wee said...

Dear anonymous. I think maybe you failed to understand the sarcasm, paradox & black humour behind what we're saying. Actually if you know how to read in between the lines, we were actually saying the same thing as what you're saying, but in a way mirroring back the comments we've always heard about sarawak. Believe us, we know what you're saying cos we're Sarawakian ourselves. So please relax, take it easy & enjoy yourself here cos what Ah Beng's World is after all is about nonsense.

Anonymous said...

anyway i just wanna use yr stage to express our sarawakian's feeling as most of west Malaysian always criticize the ppl live on borneo as we r being looked down by those self boasting guys. N it is really unfair for wat we have so far due to the exploitation tax for petroleum and natural gas r taken by federal government n just only left 10% or less for us n most of the money r used for future development in west land n we hav to beg him to give more funds for us ...n it is really ridiculous for PM distributed our money as said as his contribution to give the funds as development to sarawak...wat a silliness old man he is.

Greg Wee said...

Hmm, yes I feel that way too sometimes, but I have enough KL friends to remind me that not everyone is like that. So if I were to look for someone to blame, it has to be the government who hasn't been making enough effort to mend that rift & balance up the imparity that exists. We have to remember that the people are innocent! I'm sure our friends & brothers over in West Malaysia are feeling the same anger.

Anonymous said...

haha, hopefully our state will be able to achieve a prosperity and progressive state in few years so that everyone can share the outcome of developments in whatever field so that it will be able to offset the inflatable of worldwide.

Greg Wee said...

We all feel your pain! :)