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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Great Sibu Mall: A Passing

Ahhh... It's good to be back in Kuching. The flight between Kuching & Sibu was realy short. 30 minutes was like taking a dump in the morning. Just when your butt touches the seat, they announce arrival already.

Delta Mall opened on Saturday in Sibu. And I wasn't even there to rub shoulders with the Foochow aunties. To think that was supposed to be the highlight of my Sibu trip. (It's Sibu. There is nothing else to see. There are only aunties.)

But a day after the opening on Sunday, I did manage a not-so-close encounter with the mall... from the car window... as we were passing by. It's so sad. We didn't even stop.

It looks like this is going to be the closest that I will ever get.
Hmm. Didn't look like it was happening happening.
I really don't know where Sibu people are.

I heard that there was some kind of a traffic jam on the opening day itself. Maybe the whole Sibu population came for that day, & there's none left for the other days.

Man, this cannot be the highlight of my trip.

p/s Sibu gossip - I heard from my uncles who went there that the place was still quite empty as not many tenants have set up shop. Yeah, I know, my UNCLES, a group of macho male, butt-scratchin', nose-pickin' foochow men (of course I'm just exaggerating a bit here), actually went to a mall, instead of my AUNTIES. And there was nothing there.

Maybe that's why my aunts weren't even interested. They knew. Maybe they had some kind of foresight. Women have antennas when it comes to things like this. Or maybe the men were really bored.

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