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Monday, December 3, 2007

Miss World 2007: Meet the Asian Spices

Miss World 2007. This is the new face of the new era.

Miss China Zhang Zi Li

China beauties have come a long way. They used to look like this.

And then Darwin's Evolution of the Species happened somewhere along the way, and they evolved into this.

Makes you wanna go to China doesn't it?

She has the face that can make a thousand men walk into the lamp post. After you hit the lamp post, you'd want to go back and do it all over again. By the way, her face is up there.

And then of course there's the lovey-dovey eyed, smooth as tofu-hua skin, fragile-as-glass, one-touch-can-break Korean beauty.

Miss Korea Cho Eun Ju. She looks exactly like a Korean TV drama material. I love you & you love me but we can't say it because we can't be together because i'm dying of terminal illness. One snap of the fingers and tears will roll down her cheeks.

And of course, Miss Malaysia Deborah Priya Henry.

Hoolamak! Malaysia's contestant this time got power.

Not bad. Just like a model. Wait a minute. She IS a model.

That's the colour of the fluid coming out of my nose now.

And when there's Malaysia, there must be Singapore.

Ammah! Roshni Kaur Soin.
She's going for red as well. But somehow it's not working.

Uhh, what happened this year? The standard dropped. It does not compute. Where are the Singapore girls?

And of course we have the usual Big Two - Miss Japan & Hong Kong

Rui Watanabe. She's a fitness instructor & she wants to be an Asian action star. It looks like she could pull it off. It looks like she can floor any man in 2 seconds. And men will be lining up for it.

Miss Hong Kong Cheung Ka Yi. Nothing special this time. Just the typical TVB drama series material.

And finally, who can ignore this?

Miss Mongolia Oyungerel Gankhuyag

Mongolian women have really struck the imagination of Malaysians this year.

Here's the winning video.

Watch Zhang Zi Li being interviewed after her win.

More spices available here. Enjoy.

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