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Monday, December 3, 2007

Miss World 2007: Zhang Zi Li's Journey

Miss China Zhang Zhi Li won the Miss World 2007 title late on Saturday (Dec 1) in Sanya, China. The 23-year-old said: "There are 1.3 billion people behind me. I want to become a link between the Olympic Games [to be held in Beijing next year] and the Miss World Organisation."

This is the new era of Asian beauty! Gone are the days when beauty contests are dominated by Panamians, Argentinians, El Salvadorians, Paraguayians, Bolivians, Columbians, & the other South American-ians.

Hi! My niam is Zhang Zhi Li. Although I'm not as bolaptious as them, I still can win because I'm more beautiful. And it's also because Great China is a very big & powderful country in the world.

The contest was very the exciting. I met a lot of new friends & we always join hands.

You can see all of us holding each other's hands here.
In the background got some red ribbon design.

There were also a lot of singing & dancing with children.

Then suddenly got picture of one Ah Pek appear in the background.

I think he didn't look very happy.

Anyway, to cheer him up, we had to dance in our underwear. Aiyyerrr, so shame!

Luckily they didn't camera me. Otherwise my grandmother will be angry.

Then came the most exciting part of the event.
When they called out my name, I smiled until my teeth almost drop out.

Then the old Miss World had to give her crown to me.

She looked like she wanted to slam dunk me.

Then everybody rushed to kiss me because I'm so beautiful.

Here I am the most beautiful girl than all the girls in the world.

I win everyone oredi.

Then I was joined by the other two girls.
They're not really win because they just got second & third only.

I think they remind me of a TV show.

Hope you like my story. Tee Hee Hee.

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