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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mr Nice & Mr Clean

"God knows I am clean and I am still nice today.
Being nice should be your character and you don't have to change."

This is Abdullah Badawi who has claimed that he is still Mr. Clean & Mr. Nice.

This is Mr. Clean in the US. Mr. Clean cleans millions of US homes.

This is Pak Lah as Mr. Clean. As the Home Minister, he also keeps the house clean.

He is cleaning up BERSIH at the moment. How much more cleaner than that can you get?

This is Jackie Chan as Mr. Nice Guy. He kicks butt.

This is Pak Lah as Mr. Nice Guy. He kicks butt also.

He kicks Hindraf's butt & puts them under ISA.


Anonymous said...

congratulations. I give you full marks for making me laugh. You also get full marks for a very intelligent use of superimposition. And you really score with your idea!!

ah beng boleh lo.....our "friend" should enjoy the lampoon without getting angry.

When I am down, because Sibu has floods, I read one of your pages and birds start to sing!! Thank you.

Greg Wee said...

Hi Anonymous. Glad that the birds are still singing in Sibu. Thanks for dropping by. :)