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Monday, December 17, 2007

My Christmas Toy

Men have always been fascinated with gadgets. And in my manly pursuit, I've always been looking for a good foam cutter. The ones that are usually sold in shops out there are hand-held battery-operated ones.
I've tried a few before & they always end up looking like this after a few rounds.

If you go too hard at it, they go TWANG. And boy, they drain batteries like drinking water.

Today, I finally found the ultimate foam cutter.

I've seen this model before a loooong time ago, but never knew where to get it until now. It cost me RM88 after discount.

This is the father of all foam cutters.

Unlike the battery-operated ones, this one comes with a power plug.

And the power plug connects to the power box.

Just imagine the kind of engine it has inside. It really makes the hand-held ones look like sissy-boy cutters. This, my friend, is for a real man.

The wires run out from the power box below.

From the same power box, the wires also run along the top portion of the cutter.

When everything was set, I tried cutting a small piece of foam with it.

It worked. The foam turned into cotton candy when it touched the wire.

You can actually see the foam melting before your very eyes.

Like this baru got real power.

It's very addictive. You could spend hours just cutting foam for no reason at all.
And it was hard to stop, just like when we're squeezing bubble wraps.

Somehow there's this therapeutic feeling attached to squeezing things. Hmm...

The good thing about this cutter is that you can always replace the wire with guitar strings.

The packaging tends to remind me of something else...

Anyway, use the smallest ones. And it costs only RM1.50.
Since I'm musically challenged, this is the closest I'll ever get to buying a musical instrument.

After getting bored with the senseless cutting, I decided to go for the real deal.

It took me two hours to make this:

Yerdayyy! You believe meh?


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Oh mann..

Such nostalgic memories. I remember using this machine back in primary school to cut out letters.

And there's also something about that smell of melting foam.. lol

Greg Wee said...

Yessss, the smell of melting foam. The qualities & effect are equivalent to glue & chicken sh*t. :P