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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Wonders of Shenzen

I haven't been to Shenzen but I've somewhat heard about the place.

It's been known as a business centre due to its close proximity with Hong Kong - 30km only!!!

Facts about Shenzen:

1) More people live here than in New York city.

2) It has a skyscraper taller than the Empire State Building.

3) It has the busiest port in China.

4) It has a premier golf course that has been played by Tiger Woods.

5) Because it is a business centre where rich businessmen converge, it has also become the mistress centre of Hong Kong & China.

Yes, we know all this.

Now, this is what we didn't know about Shenzen. It is swarming with pickpockets & they strike from anywhere.

Word of the Day - Hootlienkang (Suddenly) they come from behind.

They also sneak from the bottom.

From the top.

On the stairs.

On the go.

On-the-stairs again.

In front of pretty roadside mistresses.

Raining also strike.

They strike also in black & white.

1 comment:

-popjammerz- said...

the way they sneak...respect!!!!
so geng!!!
walaoeh..they dont even noticed?