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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Amir Muhammad in Action Again!

Amir Muhammad is at it again. His new film Apa Khabar Orang Kampong is banned.

The film will be screened at Pusan International Film festival next month. There is a special focus on Malaysian films. This is very interesting. A film that is banned in Malaysia is representing Malaysia internationally. But back home, we can only see the trailer.

For those who wants to know what the film is about, the full subtitles can be found here.

By the way, he has just launched his new book Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things.

Sounds interesting doesn't it? The launching is on Sept 16. Better get it quick before it's also banned!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tsunami Kamikazes in Penang

Sumatra experienced an earthquake of 7.8-magnitude yesterday. It was also felt in KL and Penang.

It has come to my conclusion that Penang has a lot of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

The police in Penang probably warned, 'Jangan pergi dekat tepi pantai! Awas! Bahaya! Nanti ada Tsunami!'

(Don't go near the coastal areas! Beware! Danger! There may be a Tsunami!')

The people in Penang probably thought, 'Eh! Ya hoh! Maybe got Tsunami! Quickly go and see! Must go early otherwise too many people there!'

The uncles and aunties also brought their kacang and their picnic baskets, and their children also. It could be a spectacle of a lifetime. The Penang gangsters were probably also there, watching out anxiously for the safe arrival of their underwater goods.

I would like to say to the guy in the yellow flourescent jacket, "That won't help."
You can read more here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our National Hero

It takes a whole lot of creativity & talent. It takes guts to be able to do what Namewee did.

This is the video which we all know so well. I've posted this one with English subs.

And after that explosive video, he got interviewed on Taiwanese TV:

Here's another one of his songs. The last part is the funniest.

He released an album this month. I think it was on Sept 3. If anyone of you see it in the market, please let me know. It's only RM13.90! I intend to grab a copy. Here's a promo clip:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney is Back!

Britney made a comeback recently. She performed her latest single 'Gimme More' at the recent MVA awards which turned out to be quite disastrous.

My grandma saw the whole performance. . . These are her comments (with English subtitles):

Aiyo! Si mi lang ay cha bo kia ah nay?
Aiyo! Who’s daughter is this?

Aiyo! Si mi soo tiok cho kau ah nay kuan?
Aiyo! Why must do until like dat?

Chio kua mai ho ho chio!
Sing song don’t want to sing properly!

Cheng la bin ko nia chu lai tiaw boo!
Only wear underwear come out to dance!

Kana kua la sap hee!
Just like watching dirty movie!


Ah Beng ah! Loo ko mai kee koon! Kua si mi kua! Bay pat kua kuay!
Ah Beng ah! You still don't want to go sleep! Watch what watch! Never see before!

Ah Beng: Ho kua lay. Song lay!
Nice to watch leh. Feel good leh!

Ki koon lah! Ma chai cho kang ah!
Go to sleep lah! Tomorrow have to work ah!


Cho cha boh kia, eng kai kam kee lai tam po!
As a girl, should cover up a little!

Bo ka teng kam tio
Otherwise will get cold

To chai ay jip hong
Wind can go inside belly button

Aiyo! Wa bak chiu tia liaw
Aiyo! My eyes pain already

Kee tiam ba chiu yiok!
Going to put eye-drops!

Aiyo! Cha boh kia! Loo t’ng ki chao ko lu ay gina ka ho lah!
Aiyo! Girl! You go home look after your kids better lah!

The Return of Robotech

Remember Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and Lynn Min Mei?

Rick Hunter was the guy every teenager wanted to be.

Minmei was the girl that every guy wanted.

The latest news is that Tobey Macguire is producing the new Robotech movie under Warner Bros for 2008. And there might be a possibility that he'll play Rick Hunter.

I wonder who will be MinMei... Britney Spears?
Uhh...Not likely. Ooh baby don't hit me anymore. Your babies are waiting for you at home.

Or Miss Invisible... Jessica Alba?

That's more like it.

For fans of Robotech, you should visit this cool site
It has video clips of the TV series and even its audio/music clips! Here's the trailer for the first ever episode:

Malaysian Made Saladin

No it is not a salad dish. Saladin is the name of the warrior who united the Muslim factions against the crusades.

And this is an animation project with a budget of RM10 million developed by MDeC. It started as an ambitious feature film project in 2004 but has since turned into a 13-episode TV animated series. It is still under development.

The trailer is developed by 2 local companies - animation by Silver Ant, and sound/music by Imaginex. My eyes popped out when I saw it. And this only happens on rare ocassions - like when I see money on the floor, or when I strike lottery, or when I see dead people.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the amazing trailer!

A bigger version of the trailer is also available at