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Friday, September 21, 2007

People Falling Photos

Once in a while, there comes an artist with an idea so fresh and original that it knocks our brains out! This photo artist takes pictures of people falling down. I came across it in this month's Going Places (Malaysia Airlines inflight magazine). Otherwise I wouldn't have known about it cos sometimes I stay too long under my coconut shell. So here it is.

Artsy Beng presents to you The Fall by Denis Darzacq (adulterated versions):

The Fall is actually a series of 16 photos inspired by the 2005 French Riots. It won the World Press Photo 2oo7 competition (Arts & Entertainment category).

More of the photos can be seen here. Strangely all his other photo series look pretty normal. For the guys, be forewarned. He sometimes takes nude pictures of men standing in the streets with their sausages hanging about. Don't say that I didn't warn you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Abdullah Einstein? I Don't Think So!

Hishamuddin Rais exhibited a series of photographs depicting several well-known Malaysian political figures as popular icons recently. I thought that they were hilarious! Here are a few of them:

Pak Lah starring as Einstein
Really meh? If this was the case, Malaysia would have been a first world country by now.

Samy Velu as a Shaolin Monk

King of the Tolls! Don't you think he looks better without THE hair?

Rafidah Aziz as some kind of Hong Kong Canto-Pop TVB StarLeng Loi!

Wan Azizah starring as Marilyn Monroe

The exhibition was titled 'Free Malaysia @ 50' and was held at the Valentine Willie Gallery. Here are my two utmost favourites:

Lim Kit Siang as The Rocket Punk Only someone like this can fight for us in Parliament! Go Beng Go!

Anwar as the Reggae Mr Loba-Loba.

Apparently Pak Lah's daughter bought the whole set for her bedroom. Maybe she found them strangely attractive. Maybe they somehow fulfill all her secret fantasies. Read the whole thing here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nicholas Teo: Kuching Boy in KL

I saw Nicholas Teo in KL recently. He was promoting some kind of green tea at Sungei Wang.

Never knew much about him except that he's a Kuching boy who has made it big in Taiwan.

This is also another photo of him.

Looks like a typical Kuching Tik To Kia!

And another picture of him on a red carpet somewhere:

Hehehe! Gotcha! That's actually Rain, another Korean Tik To Kia!
See the point I'm trying to make? They look like long lost twin brothers don't they?

Sungei Wang pics courtesy of CK.

Petrol Prices to Stay!

The global oil price hit a new high of USD80 a barrel yesterday. My pants fell down.
Fortunately Najib put a stop to that. So I can keep my pants on, for now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The UPM Drama Minggu Ini

UPM Personnels interogated and confiscated a student's laptop and belongings. Read more about it here.

Watch the video! It's just like a real TV drama unfolding! See UPM personnels bullying skinny students.

Watch more recent updates here.

Syed Hamid Albar Grilled on BBC

Watch Syed Hamid Albar pusing-pusing and dodging bullets on BBC Hard Talk.

Basically the reporter is asking the questions which we are asking, and Syed Hamid Albar is saying the same things which we see in the newspapers everyday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

How to Keep the Toilet Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang

I came across this sticker in a sort-of-public toilet today.

I think it was in the Indonesian language. Not very visible on the TOP RIGHT, it says 'Sayangilah Kloset Anda'. I think at some point in History, the Indonesians probably mistook 'Closet' for Toilet'.

The other interesting thing is that the notice keep refering to some dude called 'Pria'. He must have been one helluva legendary toilet monster.

Here's the direct translation in English:
Love your toilet.
Truthful way of using.

1. When Pria throws small water.
Open cover and Closet seat.

2. When woman throws small water.
Also when Pria or woman throws big water.
Open enough close Closet.

To remain always excellently clean, prevent the touch of:
cigarette fire, perfume, cutex, alchohol, paint, mosquito spray

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ting Pek Khing's Kuching on Google Earth

I just found out about Google Earth not so long ago. I know. Compared with other internet savy people, I am considered slow. If there was a parking lot on the internet, mine would look like this:Anyway, I started looking for familiar places in Kuching. Please keep in mind that Google Earth's images are about 4 years behind time. So what I point out may not be on the map at that time.

This is how God sees Kuching. This is also how the Malaysian astronauts will see Kuching when they go to space to make teh tarik ... oops! I mean scientific experiments.

Since this is Visit Malaysia Year, please allow me to give you a brief tour of the city and its interesting places.

The best laksa in town!
Kuching has also got a lot of strange building structures which were erected for some long forgotten purpose. This is one of them:

Kuching is also the home to one of the most legendary developers in Malaysia, the fastest record-breaking, quick-draw McGraw - Ting Pek Khing!

Upon touch down in Kuching, you would have already begun to feel his presence.

When you drive down from the airport, you will come to his new flyover at BDC:

Not far from the airport is Ting Pek Khing's home.
And when you reach the waterfront in the city centre, Ting Pek Khing is also there to greet you.

Welcome to Kuching! If you need to buy some exotic local fruits, you can get them from Ting Pek Khing's Ming Khiong Fruit Garden!