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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beijing Olympics 2008

The Beijing Olympics will be launched next year in China on 8th of August, 2008 (08/08/08) . It will be an auspiscious occasion, with a feng shui number to match.

So if anyone of you are thinking of buying 4D lottery with the number 8888, you'd better buy way way ahead.
Speaking about the Beijing Olympics, somebody emailed me these cheeky cartoons.

Don't soot me!

Paiu!!! Piau!!! China got too many people oredi.

Slo-mo death scene.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Read about my Puppies!

Read my latest updates about my puppies.

Also read my earlier posts about them here.
It's super fatso cuteness!

The Passing of a Beautiful Voice: Minako Honda

I was a little too late. How could I not have known? Come November, Minako Honda would have passed away 2 years ago and I didn't even know.

I came across her music when my brother bought a few of her albums in the 80s:
Midnight Swing (1987)
Wild Cats (1988)

She sang mostly rock songs which had a sweet pop tinge to it. But I always thought that her voice didn't fit in. Most Japanese pop singers at that time had little squeeky voices which came out of their nostrils. Hers was different.

Back in the 80s, we never got the chance of seeing her perform. There was no such thing as the internet. There was no such thing as YouTube. The only thing we had at that time was the national broadcast RTM which was Relax-ing, Tidur-ing & Makan-ing only.

So I never knew she was one hell of a performer. Before you watch this, hold on tight to your horses.

Minus the poodle hairstyle, and the flashy costumes, and the strange dance moves, she's pure energy. And again, the voice seems pre-destined for something else greater.

And then in the 90s, she suddenly transformed herself and embarked on a new career on stage. She starred and sang in Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, The Fiddler on the Roof & The King & I.

And towards the later part of her life, she released several classical albums.

This is one of the last tributes to her. It shows her determination in life to sing, till the very last stages of her illness.

And on November 6th 2005, Minako Honda succumbed to an advanced stage of leukemia. She passed on at the age of 38.

It was the passing of a beautiful voice, which will forever transcend her time on this earth. She was the amazing grace.

Although I knew of it too late, it was not too late for me to share it.
And now you know.

Farewell Minako. Fare thee well.

The best article I could find about her so far is here.

Hokkien Rap: The Invasion of the Inflation!

The price of Anchor Full Cream Milk rose RM0.90 from RM3.60 to RM4.50 per box. It was only RM3.00 at the beginning of this year!!! My pants fell down oredi.

I can't imagine cookies without milk. I'm sure if I check out the prices for many other things, my underwear will also fall down.

I'm sorry but the situation has affected me so badly that it has pushed me to write an original Hokkien rap song.

Ah Beng boh cheng ko.
Chao kee bay chia loh.
Goo leng kee kao see ko pua.
Ah Beng kui seen lao leng kua.
Tua tua sia, lo pee chio kok kua.
Chee choon ta jeet chiak koh kua.
Cheng hoo kong mai sua sua kai.
Cho tai chee ai ban ban lai.
Cheng hoo kong liau oo lee yeeu.
Tak jeet chiak p'ng puay tau yeeu.
Bo koo kok kay ay chin po.
Cheet choon rocket soot kee lau teng loh!

And here's the direct translation for make benefit Ah Beng glorious readers:

Ah Beng no wear pants.
Run to the horse cart road.
Cow milk go up until 4.50
Ah Beng whole body cold sweat.
Loud loud voice, sing national anthem by roadside.
Now everyday eat bitter gourd.
Government say don't simply spend.
Do things must take some time.
What government say got logic.
Everyday eat rice with soya sauce.
Not long country will improve.
Now the rocket shoot upstairs already.

"Don't sue me! I don't have money!" (Namewee)

Just a Short Comment: Why Britain Got Talent

Ah Lien just mentioned something to me. Sometimes she can be quite unpredictable.

I was asking why Britain Got Talent seemed to have more real talents than American Idol. She soot out these words, 'Aiya! Britain looking for talent mah. Not Idol!'

My conclusion: Ah Lien can be quite intelligent when she wants to be.
Ah Lien: Teeheehee.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are All Paul Potts!

In Asia, there is also a well-known figure by the name of Pol Pot.
But fortunately, we are not going to be talking about him today.

I am still amazed at how much impact Paul Potts has on each & everyone of us. I've been curious as to what it is about him that engages us so much.

And so I spent the weekend looking through his video repeatedly. This is what it came down to.

This is Paul Potts after the audience's overwhelming response to his debut.

And immediately after that, this is his come-back-to-earth-look.

It's the going-to-be-over-soon kinda look.

I think most of us can identify with that. We've been through that kind of situation many times before. And that's why we feel his pain.

It's the pain of the little people when they are told they have to go to the back of the line.

Or when they are told that their health insurance doesn't cover this, or that.

Or that the company is downsizing, and they have to be let go.

Or when they are told that they can only be friends, and nothing more than that.

Or when they are told that they don't have the talent, and to go try something else.

But when people like that sing, they carry all that pain, which is yours & mine, with them.

And they know they've got that one chance only. And that's why he could sing like that, like it's the end of time. And in that moment, Paul Potts also became our only one chance & hope. And that's why we cried when we heard it. Because through him, we recognised our own pain.

Dedicated to Paul Potts & all his fans out there. Thank you all for dropping by Ah Beng's World!

Malaysian Astronaut in Kuching! by Ah Lien

Hallo Eberybody! This is Ah Lien again! Teeheehee. I got very excited news to share with all the readers!

This morning I met the astronaut at 3rd Mile Market place! I was eating the very famous Kueh Chap there with Ah Hua & HungHung. It was so the very surprise because the newspaper didn't say got astronaut coming to Kuching.

At first I didn't know. I said who is this hensom guy hah? How come so many people shake his hand?

Then because my eyes so big & beautiful, I joom in.

Ngai Tee! Got the rocket! I want to faint oredi because I didn't put on my makeup.

I show the picture to my mather. She say not bad. Quiet hensom oso. Can consider to hook him oso. Teeheehee.
Then the astronaut got sell the angkasawan newspaper. I don't know how to read.

But I saw the picture got the PM & Najib & the government. Got picture of the flag oso. Very patriotic so I think maybe they want to buy some more Russian aeroplane so that they can send the other astronaut to the space. Otherwise wasted mah.

So I very exciting & I bought one newspaper. Only RM2. Still very cheap, not like the price of pao, all go up oredi.

Inside got the many informations about the rocket. I didn't know the government already formed the rocket so many years ago. 1960s already got.

I asked the astronaut got blog or not. Teeheehee. He said he just start new one called Maybe you can go there to see his training.

Not bad, like this the Chinese peoples in Malaysia now oso got chance to become astronaut. Teeheehee.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Tribute to the Other Little Malaysian Austonaut

The Malaysian astronauts went through a lot in their training to prepare for any eventualities in their mission. They were subjected to a lot of psychological as well as physical obstacles. Some of them seemed quite dubious in nature.

On the surface, it looked like they were having the time of their lives.

In Dallas.

In the fun pool: Daddy! Daddy! I want to do this again!

At other times, they seemed to be really into their challenges.

How you like this? Huh? Huh? You like this? My muscles are rippling! I'm too sexy for my shirt! Beat that SMS!

Strange as it may sound, but I think the Russian trainers had this thing about butts.

Here let me help you with that... yeahhhh.

The Butt Dive. Don't be afraid of us! Come on in! Yeahhhh.

Oopps sorry. I'm reaching for something. You like what you see? Yeahhhh.

I quite pity the little guy. He did what he was supposed to do. He did whatever the other handsome guy did. I don't know why he didn't get to go. Maybe his father is not a Datuk. Maybe he is a bit small.
Either that, or the Russian trainers are just gigantic, a result of the Chernobyl incident many years ago.

See what I mean? I wonder what the Russian mothers feed them.

My heart goes out to this little guy. It seems like he's always made to do silly things, and yet, he always manages with a happy smile.

Even when he's thrown like a paper airplane.

Or when he has to balance his head in the Russian trainer's mouth.

But nevertheless, the astronauts received very useful & indispensable survival skills.
Like when you meet hostile aliens, this is the way you give it to them! HUHHH!

I'm sure they will do well with such practical know-how. Malaysia everything oso Boleh!