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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Elusive Kung Fu Panda Trailer

This is the newest poster of Kung Fu Panda - Prepare for Awesomeness!

Yes, we are prepared & anticipating, Mr Panda. Today I decided to return to the official website to see if there's anything new & awesomeful. For months now, the pathetic website had only one single poster to display. And that static poster has been staring back at me.

So today, when I got there, lo & behold! The Dreamwork team has awakened! There's now wallpapers & a special Flash intro of the kung fu characters:

Angelina Jolie as the Tigress.

Jackie Chan as the Monkey.

Somebody as Crane.

Lucy Liu as the snake.

Another somebody as the grasshoper.

And finally, Dustin Hoffman (not Martin Sheen, my mistake!) as the Master

This is the baddest bad guy that ever lived in an animated film.

Oh, strangely enough, the trailers are still not ready on the official website. I realised that they were actually out about 3 days ago on every other website that you can think off except the official Kung Fu Panda website. Then somehow, the trailers were removed for unknown reasons from most of the major sites.

But I managed to track them down. Here's the main trailer.

This is another one with Jack Black talking too much, & with too little animation.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Miss Astro 2007 MORE UPDATES: Video Crips

For those who missed the show on Astro (including myself), no need to punish yourselves. Astro Wah Lai Toi (Channel 311) will be showing the repeat this Sunday at 1pm. But that's this Sunday. That's 2 more days brader. Ngai Tee. Have to wait that long.

But fortunately for us, we have something called YouTube. And this time, it is back again to save the day. The videos on the pageant are already up. And for the benefit of Ah Beng's World readers, I've brought them here for your viewing pleasure & also other pleasures:

Presenting Miss Astro Chinese International Winner 2007: Joanne Yew

You can see them strutting their stuff here. Sorry, video is not very clear. Watch out for Chloe. She's got a face every guy wants. Ah Beng got a nose bleed from Emily.

This is the closest that you will ever get to these girls. This is the real deal. They are at their most natural. See them speak their heart out & cry. Immerse yourself & enjoy, for tomorrow, all of them will only be faces in magazines & tv.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Miss Astro 2007 UPDATES: Photos

Ah Beng's World presents:
Miss Astro 2007 Winner
Joanne Yew

This Penang girl looks like a chameleon. Sometimes she looks so got class.

But when you blink your eye one time - Whadayyyy!!!
TRANSFORM! - Also can look very Lien.

Presenting also the other contestants:

No.13 Tiffany Hew (Best Talent)
Also 1st Runner Up

The girl that would please all mother-in-laws. My mother was right.
She's talented - in cooking & giving birth.

No. 4 Emily Poon
2nd Runner Up

Actually her face is very Kuching. Can easily see it everywhere.
Even my neighbour can look like that.

No. 10 Goh Yen Yen (Miss Body Beautiful)
Uhhh. Cannot see leh. How to win lidat? All covered up.
The judges must have a lot of imagination.

No.7 Sharon Beh (Miss Friendship)
The girl all guys want to be friends with.

And finally, Naomie Lim (Miss Photogenic). Sorry, don't have her photo here. She was too photogenic for the camera. The lenses melted.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, the photos above were taken by Dwayne Foong. You might think that I know him, but as usual, I don't. I just 'borrowed' his photos.

And these are girls who I think deserve some attention as well.

No.6 Chloe
11 out of every 10 guys want her. Very dangerous face.

Mystery girl No. 11
I don't know her name. Strange. I would have thought that's the face of a first prize winner.
It's the face that can launch a thousand rockets.

It seems that Malaysian girls are getting hotter every year. Next year, Ah Beng will definitely be glued to the TV screen. But for now, Ah Beng needs ENO to bring down the heat. Low blood pressure oredi from too much nose-bleeding.

Anybody with information about Mystery Girl No. 11, please leave me a comment!

More personal details about the finalists can be found on the Astro mobile site.
Read also Star Online's report.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Cultural Phenomenon of Mat Rempits

Malaysia will never fail to amaze you. This year is Visit Malaysia Year and the country is inviting tourists to experience the colours of Malaysia and its many facets of food & culture.

There are many things that have become a culture here - Roti Chanai, Mamak stalls & Teh Tarik (pulling tea), which has since become a superhuman competition.

A long time ago we had the Mini Buses which could take in more passengers than it seems possible. But they have been discontinued.

The BMW (Bas Mini Wilayah)

or The Pink Lady, as it was known at that time.

It's also a country with the culture of not keeping appointment time. When you're late for something, you say you're on the way or that you're almost there, even when you're still not in your car yet.

It's also a place where having long names & titles show great importance & credibility. In Kuching, some road & roundabout names have reached incredible lengths beyond practicality.

Road sign photos ripped off from Kenny Sia.

And when the sun sets in KL, the roads are transformed into a Hell Riders' F1 circuit. And you will experience a true spectacle.

Mat Rempits, hell-riders from the kampung.

The Mat Rempits travel in large groups & their job is to raise hell. Their amazing race & death-defying stunts on the roads have caused a lot of nuisance & endangerment to the general public. This is called the Superman.

Besides racing, they are also active in other equally exciting leisurely activities such as:
Snatching purses & handbags from innocent passerbys.
Resisting police arrests.
Ramming into police road blocks.
Attacking police stations with stones & petrol-bombs.

But Malaysia is a country of love & tolerance. It seems to have overflowing love & tolerance for petrol-bombs. Yesterday morning I picked up the papers and I got the shock of my life.

It wasn't so much the headline. It was what the member of parliament said:

Basically, Mat Rempit is now a 'culture' and the government has accepted that. So our immediate goal is to get them off the streets and onto a circuit.

So now Mat Rempit & illegal racing is also a culture. Should we then promote it as part of Malaysia Truly Asia? Something doesn't sound very right here.

The member of parliament further added:

We also see in these kids potential for them to work within the racing industry. Just look at the way these motorcycles here today have been modified, this means that they have skills, skills that can be sharpened to launch a career.

This is like catching our children gambling in the streets. So we build a community casino for them to play there, to sharpen their skills to launch a professional gambling career.

Here's the ever popular Mat Rempit song from Mix FM.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Malaysian Sports News Update

Malaysia seems to be on a winning streak in the international sports arena lately.

The Malaysian dynamic duo Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong won the Danish Open title yesterday. These two little boys soot the Denmark 'old men of badminton' team Jens Eriksen-Martin Lundgaard Hansen flat flat – 14-21, 21-14, 21-12

We won nyahahahaha! We beat the Angmo grandpas!

The No. 1 doubles team in the world! Look at these boys. So many many energy.

Those are sissy boys! They're nothing compared to me! For I yam Mr. Oooniverse.

Bodybuilder Sazali Samad won his third Mr Universe title in the 60th edition of the world amateur championships in the Czech Republic, on Sunday night. Read it again. It says amateur.

Is he even human? I think high blood pressure looks like this. The veins in my eyes already popped just by looking at this. Which does he look like more - satay or BBQ duck?

Unfortunately our national squash girl Nicole David didn't do so well this time.

This little durian girl lost 9-0, 9-1, 2-9, 3-9, 9-6 to Shelley Kitchen, the tenth-seeded tough kiwi fruit from New Zealand in the recent World Open Championship.

Hmm. Not bad. Ah Beng like.

How to win? You see how the Australians manage their sports stars. They even have their own websites & sponsors. See Shelly Kitchen. They got so many the money.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007 Winner

Ngai Teeee!!! I missed the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant on Friday nite! And because of that I have been scouring the internet for 2 days now to find out who won. It seems like there's no official news online. It's been really quiet out there. Can even hear the frogs & crickets.

Well, I finally found something. Got this from

2nd Runner Up - No.4-Emily Poon
Champion - No.2-Joanne Yew
1st Runner Up - No.13-Tiffany Hew

Who's the singer? WHAT SINGER?!!! I have tunnel vision at the moment & I can only see Contestant No.7 Sharon doing her stuff on stage. Dang! I shouldn't have missed this on TV!

Ah Beng got nose bleed oredi from all this over-exposure. Can't remember who's who. So many beautiful girls. Hmm, let's recap.

What?! Actually No.2 Joanne & No.4 Emily wasn't even on my list. I think this poster didn't do them justice. They actually looked better on TV.

I guess my mother was right about No.13 Tiffany. This type of girl is in very high demand. Can cook & give birth to many many babies.

But at this point in time, men do not think about babies & cooking. The need to propagate the human species takes precedence over everything else.

(All photos ripped off from Tienshang)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Ultimate Definition of Beauty

I never knew the true meaning of beauty until I saw this documentary on the Discovery channel sometime ago. It was called The Human Face & hosted by the mad British John Cleese.

The highlight of the show was of course not him. It was the special appearance by the beautiful, elegant, sexy, desirable, etc. etc. etc...

Elizabeth Hurley.

The ultimate woman. The perfect beauty in limited edition. Full stop. Whenever I see her, I can't help thinking what a dumbo Hugh Grant was.

The program was eye-opening for me. I have always been told that beauty is what lies within, which makes me wonder about the condition of my internal organs.

Beauty also includes the whole well-being & character of a person that makes him or her beautiful. Or so I thought, until this documentary came up & slap me in the face with this:

So, physical beauty = indication of health = fertility for mating = survival of the species. So any male readers reading this would understand right away that all of this still boils down to only one thing *AHEM* at the very end.

And men seems to know this all along. They've got a built in radar for that. That's why they always get straight to it *AHEM* without wasting time. It's because they know they have a responsibility to propagate the species. And you can't blame them. After all, it's all for a higher purpose.