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Friday, November 9, 2007

Awesome Ego Animation

Okay, this would be the kind of thing that I would blog about when there's nothing else to blog about. This crude little animation can satisfy any macho man's ego. It's a stick man using all sorts of power play to break into a wall. Obviously it's not going to work but he's really stubborn, or to put it in a nicer way, 'determined & focused'.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Racism is Lots of Fun

As we start to sniff general elections in the air, & UMNO starts its general assembly, the daily newspapers become interesting to read. I look forward to it now every morning, more so than the stock market report & the TOTO results.

It's quite predictable what the politicians will be saying, but most of the time, it's unpredictable how they will say it. So when I read the news this morning on The New Straits Times, my eyebrows were raised until they hit the roof of my head:

The non-Malays need not fear if there were a handful of Umno delegates who touch on sensitive racial issues during the debates at the four-day Umno General Assembly this time, said Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad.

He further added that “The non-Malays will understand that it involves only a small fraction who wants to have fun, the others will understand. We have been together for 50 years since the country’s independence.”

What does this mean?!! Is he saying that making racist remarks is a fun thing?

But maybe we have to be more open minded. There are also a lot of other well established organisations that are having fun with racist remarks as well.

Look, he's having fun.

You see, the Ku Klux Klan are good at having fun. And they're able to spend quality family time together.

Maybe it's a good way to attract more members.

Come join us! It's fun!
And we've got the keris too! You can kiss it. It is a very good weapon. Can protect everyone.

Hishammuddin swished it out in 2005, & then again in 2006.

He kissed it again yesterday.
Aww, such loving display of affection.

I think fun is missing from the opposition parties. I think they need to be revamped into something like this soon. Otherwise how to win?

Come join us! It's lots of fun! We may not have the keris, but we have the equally attractive kwan taos, which can also do the job to protect everyone.

I think Lim Kit Siang should emulate Hishamuddin's good example & kiss the Kwan Tao. Maybe that will attract more Ah Beng, Ah Seng & Ah Khiongs to join.

This photo is stolen from Danny Lim's archive. Sorry hah Danny. Borrow borrow only.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Feel the Wind & It's Name is TOTO

Yesterday I felt a wind sweeping over me. I don't know what kind of wind it was, but it definitely wasn't from eating too much beans.

I suddenly found myself in front of the TOTO lottery shop. The God of Gamblers has arrived! I was possessed!

Nolah. Before you think I'm an uncontrollable gambling addict, let me make this clear. I don't buy lottery often okay. It's only a once in a while kinda thing when I dream of how nice it is to be a millionaire - no need to work, can wake up late, can go out for leisurely breakfast while watching everyone else scramble for their lives & no need to fly Airasia anymore. Then go home, check email, blog & check the stock market. (I repeat, I am not a gambler. Stock market is an investment.)

I am by nature a very lazy person. Therefore, the idea of going to the TOTO shop everytime I feel the wind can even make me think twice about being a millionaire. So I bought 3 separate lucky pick numbers for 3 different draws (Tue, Wed & Sat). And it was not for any ordinary Jackpot. It was for SUPER Jackpot.

MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I vill vin & I vill roool zee vorld!

Being ignorant, I didn't even check how much the accumulated prize money was. I thought that whatever it was, it's definitely better than nothing. So I took a look at the papers that night.

RM1.5 million. In Kuching, when you mention RM1.5 million TOTO Super Jackpot, your Chinese friends will suddenly awake from slumber. Their eyeballs will expand twice their original size. And then you can start to hear their brain-engine click into action:

"RM1.5 million at 3.7% p.a. results in RM55,500 in interest per year. That comes up to about RM4,625 of income per month. Still not enough to quit your job."

Minako Honda in Remembrance

Today is exactly 2 years since Minako Honda left us. We shall remember her always as the beautiful voice who would not give up hope till the very end.

Here's an extract from Tokyograph news:

The city of Asaka, Saitama is planning to erect a monument in honor of the late pop star Minako Honda and her contributions to the city, which is her hometown. Honda died in November 2005 from acute myelogenous leukemia, at the age of 38.

The 1.5 meter tall monument will be placed at the south entrance of the Asaka station on the Tobu Tojo Line. It will be made of stone and alloy, and will include an engraving of a poem that Honda wrote while she was battling her illness. The monument's design includes an embedded photo of Honda and a device that will play a recording of her singing. The city is aiming to complete construction by July 31, the date of Honda's birth.

Read also my previous post here if you haven't.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Taiwan Ta Pau Boy: Jay Chou

"His teacher thought he was dumb. Idolmakers thought he was ugly. But Jay Chou has become Asia's hottest pop star." (Kate Drake, Time Asia)

This is Jay Chou.

This is also how a typical Ah Beng looks like. In the world of Mandarin pop music, there's a lot of singers who look like this.

Nicholas Teo is one of them.

Then there's also Rain from Korea.
They look like they just came out from the same photocopying machine.

I do not know much about the Chinese music scene for I am a banana.

Definition of banana (keen-cheeo): A Chinese who doesn't speak mandarin. Therefore, the analogy to a banana with yellow skin, but is white inside.

Similarly, it's a coconut for a Malay who speaks English only.

And a mangosteen for an Indian who does the same.

Jay Chou is everywhere on the radio, MTV and also in movie soundtracks. He's written songs for so many artistes that if he's not singing it, others are doing it for him.

His school teachers remember him as having only one expression - the expression of non-expression. And after a career of R&B singing & songwriting, Jay Chou launched his acting debut as a tao hoo boy in Initial D.
Here he is in one of the scenes.

Here he is again.

I think he must have really milked that one expression dry, cos he actually won the award for Best Newcomer Actor. And just when you think it's all dried up, he milked it again in Curse of the Golden Flower to win the Best Supporting Actor award.

And this year he directed his first major motion picture Secret.

It looks like if there's anything left to be done, he's done it all. He has truly ta pau-ed everything.

Listen to Mama. A tribute to all mother's. You can see his baby photos at the end.

Qi Li Xiang (Orange Jasmine)

Curse of the Golden Flower soundtrack

Jay Chou's new cowboy song.