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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Wonders of Shenzen

I haven't been to Shenzen but I've somewhat heard about the place.

It's been known as a business centre due to its close proximity with Hong Kong - 30km only!!!

Facts about Shenzen:

1) More people live here than in New York city.

2) It has a skyscraper taller than the Empire State Building.

3) It has the busiest port in China.

4) It has a premier golf course that has been played by Tiger Woods.

5) Because it is a business centre where rich businessmen converge, it has also become the mistress centre of Hong Kong & China.

Yes, we know all this.

Now, this is what we didn't know about Shenzen. It is swarming with pickpockets & they strike from anywhere.

Word of the Day - Hootlienkang (Suddenly) they come from behind.

They also sneak from the bottom.

From the top.

On the stairs.

On the go.

On-the-stairs again.

In front of pretty roadside mistresses.

Raining also strike.

They strike also in black & white.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I was in KL recently & I came across this shop. It seems to be a franchise from Japan.

The shop sells "the best cream puffs in the world" or so it claims. So I tried one just to see if that was true.

I thought it tasted ok. The pastry was nice. It would have been better if it was warm. But then again, I haven't tasted all the cream puffs in the world, so I wouldn't know what the best is like.

Anyway, it's Beard Papa's. This old fella must have been making cream puffs way before I was born. So what can I say? If he says it's the best in the world, then it's the best in the world.

I find it interesting that there are quite a few food related products which uses old grandpas as their identity. KFC is one.

I guess maybe it lends credibility. Who dares argue with grandpa. When Colonel Sanders says it's finger lickin' good, you lick them.

But the most interesting & oldest icon has got to be this.

This hacking grandpa was around way before Colonel Sanders came to town. But you'd probably have to agree that it's the ugliest product logo that you've ever seen.

Children cry & run away when they see him.

Mr Nice & Mr Clean

"God knows I am clean and I am still nice today.
Being nice should be your character and you don't have to change."

This is Abdullah Badawi who has claimed that he is still Mr. Clean & Mr. Nice.

This is Mr. Clean in the US. Mr. Clean cleans millions of US homes.

This is Pak Lah as Mr. Clean. As the Home Minister, he also keeps the house clean.

He is cleaning up BERSIH at the moment. How much more cleaner than that can you get?

This is Jackie Chan as Mr. Nice Guy. He kicks butt.

This is Pak Lah as Mr. Nice Guy. He kicks butt also.

He kicks Hindraf's butt & puts them under ISA.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back From KL

Hi All! I just got back from KL last night.

Sorry for not posting for a few days now. Will get right down to it tonite.

To those who came by, thank you! Ah Beng's World will be back to normal very soon.