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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still in Sibu: Grandma's Wabbits

This is my grandma-in-law's house. It's the typical wooden house of that era which sits on a big plot of land filled with fruit & rubber trees.

I know what it's like. I lived in one before when I was younger. The surrounding nature provided me with a playground. I played in the drain, rolled on the grass, played with rocks, picked up sticks, flied kites, climbed fruit trees & picked rubber seeds. I was a wild mountain boy.

When we went around the house, we saw something unexpected.

There was a small bunny wabbit farm!

I had two of these as pets when I was small. One died & I cried.

Rabbits are basically rodents. Look at how similar it is to a mouse.

And there were black ones too, with floppy ears.

Don't come any more closer or I'll eat this brick. I mean it man.

Of Drains in Sibu

When I was small, my cousins used to squat around the drain to take a crap. But of course in this modern day & age, this is something to be frowned upon. I hope this practice is not still popular in Sibu. But I guess with this kind of water, nobody would know. But one thing's for sure. The fishes in the drain must be really healthy.

This was Sibu 2-3 week's ago.

I'm glad I wasn't there at that time. I think it had to rain hard & rain hell to be able to create that kind of waterworld effect.

Imagine if those water came from the drains. Imagine again if all Sibu kids crap in the drain. If that was so, then this would be an experience of a lifetime.

6-year old: Ma! Look! What is that brown thing?

Mother: Aiyerrrr! Ah Tien! Throw it away! Don't touch!!!!

But when I was there a couple of days ago, the flood water had receded into the drains.

Now the very first thing that I realised about Sibu is that it has gazillions of earth drains.

I do not know why the municipal council is not doing anything about it. It's so everywhere that I begin to wonder if that is what Sibu people want... for their kids, I mean... sort of like a nature-eco-friendly toilet.

I wonder if the signboard is a warning sign.
Watch where you're driving or else you'll run into two lumps of crap!

Sibu flood photos "sponsored" by Phillip Hill heheheh.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Oh, I forgot to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Hanging out with aunties in Sibu can both be fun & sad at the same time. Guess where we had our countdown? It was at one of my aunt's place. Yeah I know, you don't have to say it.

There were no fireworks in sight in Sibu last nite. The only fireworks we had was the one on TV. And that was a live telecast from Sungei Wang in KL. We were counting down to a TV! That's sad man.

If this goes on, the new year does not look very bright. I may just de-volve into an old uncle.

The Great Sibu Mall: A Passing

Ahhh... It's good to be back in Kuching. The flight between Kuching & Sibu was realy short. 30 minutes was like taking a dump in the morning. Just when your butt touches the seat, they announce arrival already.

Delta Mall opened on Saturday in Sibu. And I wasn't even there to rub shoulders with the Foochow aunties. To think that was supposed to be the highlight of my Sibu trip. (It's Sibu. There is nothing else to see. There are only aunties.)

But a day after the opening on Sunday, I did manage a not-so-close encounter with the mall... from the car window... as we were passing by. It's so sad. We didn't even stop.

It looks like this is going to be the closest that I will ever get.
Hmm. Didn't look like it was happening happening.
I really don't know where Sibu people are.

I heard that there was some kind of a traffic jam on the opening day itself. Maybe the whole Sibu population came for that day, & there's none left for the other days.

Man, this cannot be the highlight of my trip.

p/s Sibu gossip - I heard from my uncles who went there that the place was still quite empty as not many tenants have set up shop. Yeah, I know, my UNCLES, a group of macho male, butt-scratchin', nose-pickin' foochow men (of course I'm just exaggerating a bit here), actually went to a mall, instead of my AUNTIES. And there was nothing there.

Maybe that's why my aunts weren't even interested. They knew. Maybe they had some kind of foresight. Women have antennas when it comes to things like this. Or maybe the men were really bored.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello from Sibu!

Right now I am at a grand Foochow brithday/celebration bash for my grandfather-in-law at a Sibu hotel. Been seeing a lot of Sibu, eating a lot, & taking a lot of photos. Didn't get to go to Delta Mall yet. Might not have the chance.

Will blog more when I come back. Just a quick hi to all of you!