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Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah Beng Play Macau & Hong Kong

I just realised why we call trump cards Macau Pai (Macau cards) in Hokkien.

I will be writing about my Macau & Hong Kong trip over the days to come. Most (not all) of my posts will be on my other blog Greg & Nee on the Go! However, I will keep a table of content here below for your easy reference. It will be updated daily with links to new entries. So you can always come back to this page on a daily basis to check out the updates.

Day 1 (Jan 8, 2008):
1) The Journey to Macau
2) Macau: The Land of the Free
3) Macau: The Quest for Food Begins

Day 2 (Jan 9, 2008):
1) Macau: A Failed Quest
2) Turbo Jetting to Hong Kong
3) The Arrival of 3 Celebrity Bloggers in Hong Kong
4) Our First Grand Opening
5) Hong Kong in a Day
Novotel Century Hotel Hong Kong
7) The Hong Kong International Toy Fair Fast Forward
8) Double Whammy Wonton
9) The Posh Lan Kwai Fong
10) A Very Merry Ferry Ride at Night with Lights NEW!


Linus Linnaeus said...

Greg...Nee...hope you guys have a great valentine's day.

Celebrate love...celebrate life...


Greg Wee said...

Hi Linus,

Thanks! Hope you had a good one too! ;P Hoping to see more of that part on your blog!