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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Pak Lah Joke

The biggest joke in the world will not be on April Fool's Day. The biggest joke appeared on the front page of Borneo Post this morning.

Pak Lah says: Vote for us again.

“We have to look beyond. 15 years ahead and beyond, then we’ve to plan for other things. We’ve to look beyond, ahead of more than one term,” he said.

Did I hear it correctly? It seems like he's thinking of more than one term. It seems like he's thinking of staying in power for 15 more years. OH MY GULI. The country would be sucked up dry by then.

Can you take 15 more years of this?

Poster stolen from Kickdefella.

Group Hands Pak Lah Special Gift
by Andrew Ong (Malaysiakini, Jan 4, 2008)

A group of disgruntled young Malaysians today symbolically handed a 'gift' to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to express their disappointment with his administration. The gift was in form of a yellow pillow and a bolster - both decorated with the Malaysian flag and the Petronas Twin Towers.

Abdullah however was not on hand to receive the items, which the group left at the doorsteps of the premier's office in Putrajaya this morning. Spokesperson for the group Badrul Hisham Shaharin said he and his eight other friends had come to the conclusion that the government's ineffectiveness was due Abdullah's purported 'sleepiness'.

He added that Abdullah had previously been allegedly caught nodding off at various official functions both locally and abroad. 'So we wanted to send a 'memorandum' about what the youth wants.

This memorandum is in form of a pillow... He can use the pillow to continue sleeping or wake up and realise that his administration is not efficient,' Badrul told reporters. Badrul said the group consisted of artists, poets, bloggers, writters and activists but denied that the 'pillow act' was politically motivated.

Badrul (right) informs security guard on the group's intentions.

The group displays posters mocking Abdullah over his alleged 'sleepiness'.

A poster referring to a 2006 report by Turkish newspaper Hurriyet regarding a luxury yacht allegedly linked to Abdullah.

'We don't expect him to reply our 'memorandum'. Thus far, he has never replied any memorandum sent by civil society groups,' Badrul told reporters.

Journalists and the police were stunned when the 'memorandum' turned out to be a pillow and a bolster.

'He can come and pick it up later if he wants,' said Badrul.

The pillow and several posters were left at the main entrance to the Prime Minister's Department.

The banner reads, 'The last hope of the young Malaysians: Continue sleeping O'Prime Minister'.

Security detail took a while to decide how to deal with the items.

More security detail arrive to deal with the items.

The pillow is scanned for dangerous substances.

Eventually, a security personnel removes the items


WoMbOk™♂ said...

I will say one thing. They've got ballz man.

Greg Wee said...

Yeah, they've got rock hard gulis

sarawakiana said...

Seems that you are busy - all eyes, all heart and all brain!!

Good for you!!

Keep it up.