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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Culture of Denial

I've written about the Culture of Zhng & the Culture of Mat Rempit before. But this one, by far, is the most prevailing culture of all in Malaysian politics.

As with all things, they start from the very young. Imagine, a small little boy named Lingam, who was caught talking in class, in a little kampung school, a long time ago.

Teacher: Lingam! If I catch you talking to Fairuz again...
Little Lingam: But I didn't do it!
Teacher: You did! I saw you doing it!
Little Lingam: Irrespective of what you've seen, it looked like me, it sounded like me, but it's not scientifically proven!

Eversince that day, Little Lingam learned the power of creative logic & denial. He grew up to be a powderful lawyer. No one could stop him, because he could bend & deny almost anything -black became white, night became day, wrong became right.

Any other lawyer who dared to fight him in court not only lost, but was left brain-damaged for life.

Irrespective of what others have said [that it is me], it looks like me, it sounds like me.
(The Star Online)

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