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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Malaysian Rupiah in Macau

I was prepared to see people eat dogs & monkeys in Macau/Hong Kong but I wasn't quite prepared for this:

Ngai Tee! That really knocked my logic off a bit. I had to process that carefully. It was like a trick question in the exams.

Standing in front of the exchange counter, I wasn't sure whether to ask for Malaysian Rupiah or maybe Indonesian Ringgit.

Note: The Macau Pataca MOP is almost the same rate as HK dollar & they are used interchangeably in Macau. HK$100 is worth about RM50. The tip to a quick conversion is always roughly half.


-popjammerz- said...

Malaysian Rupiah....? they wrote wrongly is it...? or we need to convert from rupiah then to ringgit then to this then to that...wah i'm blur~~

Greg Wee said...

Actually they accepted our Ringgit. But I wasn't sure whether they thought they were Indonesian Ringgit!

Greg Wee said...
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