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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Police Story in Hong Kong

Jackie Chan probably made the Royal Hong Kong Police look like superheroes in his movies.

In Malaysia, we also had something like that from the Six Million Dollar Yusof Haslam.

(However I do not think this sucky poster helps improve the
tarnished image of the Royal Malaysian Police force)

As usual with most movies, both of them couldn't be further from the truth. Hong Kong police cannot fly. And Malaysian police are not gerak-ing at all, what more to say gerak khas.

Hong Kong today is a very different place. It is clean. It is safe. People are polite, considerate & law abiding. Women can wait for buses & walk home alone safely at night. This is because in Hong Kong, the police are everywhere, and most importantly, they are doing their job.

In Malaysia, even staying inside your own home is not safe. Well, in Hong Kong it's a very different picture.

Wherever there's people, the police is also there. And you'll always be glad to see them.

And the police actually look like police. That's because they walk, and that keeps them fit. (I never knew that police can look like that. I grew up with the image of pot-bellied moustached policemen who goes around asking for driver's licence, and more)

Look, they've even got police directing people traffic!

In Malaysia, the only time we see the police pose like that
is when they're asking for IC, and more.

Back home, the only kind of police that you'll see are the traffic police. It's usually towards the end of the month that they start to appear, popping up from nowhere like mushrooms after the rain. They look like they're on a charity-drive.

And when you see them, you are filled with trepidation & wariness, not that you've done something wrong, but that they may just stop you for no reason, just because they think your car looks big, or you look rich, or maybe because your gaji is already out.

In Hong Kong, the police means business.

When they give you a ticket, they really give you the ticket.

You do not bargain. You do not speak when you're not spoken to. The police writes the summon, you take it quietly.

This Ah Beng really got it good.

On the contrary in Malaysia, being caught by the police is like being at the Sunday Market. Anything also can bargain.


-popjammerz- said...

"People are polite, considerate & law abiding. Women can wait for buses & walk home alone safely at night."

So great..i can't even wait peacefully for my mom to pick me up, or walk peacefully back home even if there's guy friends beside me...that's Malaysia.

"In Malaysia, even staying inside your own home is not safe."

So true....haih. what more can we do....

Greg Wee said...

What more can we do? Election is coming! Wake them up!