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Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Snapshot of Sibu Houses

When in Sibu, sometimes, you'll feel like you're trapped in time. Time, like the Malaysian government, seems to revolve in a circle but it's not really going anywhere.

If you drive around town, you can still see really old houses from days of old.

The people living here in this house probably still crap in the drain, and spit onto the floor. But then again, that might not be true cos I'm just kidding.

This house is right in the middle of the town area, somewhere along Jalan Lanang, if my memory serves me correctly. I don't know. It's either a warehouse, or the owner really doesn't like windows.

Sibu is like a basin of water. So imagine what it's like when you try to build houses on top of it.

The water level in the drains would rise & sink in the course of a day, due to the changing tides. Sibu kids would probably have to wait patiently for the right tide to play & crap in the drains.

This place was flooded just a day before we got there. That morning, you'd still have to wade in the water to get in. But by early evening, the water had receded.

I think Sibu produces very good structural engineers. When the land shifts away, the houses are still left standing afloat.

Maybe it's because Sibu engineers grew up in that kind of environment, they know their territory well. They must have spent a lot of time in the drains.

But to say that the little town of Sibu is stuck in time is not entirely true either, if you know where to look.

There are also mansions big enough to rival Ting Pek Khing's T2.

Throughout my short stay in Sibu, I did not get to meet any gangsters, even though I was ready with my camera. But driving through Oya Road, it was a treat to see this.

I came to learn that this house belongs to the notorious top Sibu gangster who's under lockup... at the moment.

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