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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ah Lien Go Erection

Hello Eberybody! It's Ah Lien again! I feel very the happy & excitings because Ah Beng ask me to write his blog again. It's been a while since I last wrote anything, because he got no money to pay me. My Engrish also has improved a lot eversince as you can see.

I am also feering the exciting because our beloved Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has finally announced his erection. The time has come for us to think carefully about who to vote. I also have to think carefully & see which candidate is more handsome & beautiful. It's very important to be represented by people who look fashionable, like in the last State erection.

Imagine them walking in style into the DUN in slow motion with wind blowing like MTV. Waisay, everyone of the BN jaw drop. Fashion got power. You can be beautiful & powderful at the same time.

My degree studies to become successful & beautiful businesswoman has made me think a lot about our future in the Malaysia, our beloved country. I think a lot of things nowadays. I think that the politic parties should change their approach & image because nowsadays peoples are different already.

For ekjampel, BN should change their logo to reflect what they truly are today like this:

Also, not forgetting DAP which must also change it's image to more technologically advanced one to reflect change:
This is important especially after they sent the first Malaysian astronaut to the space.

I also got this poster in my room. Teeheehee.

Throughout last year also I have learnt that they have trained a lot more new & handsome astronauts. I met one in Kuching. He got the rocket logo on his shirt.

When Badawi's erection come, I will know who to erect.


sarawakiana said...

The moon is bright tonight for Chap Goh Meh. And make sure you send up the right AH Zi Ter Lu ( Asi Got Road) to the moon.

Too many people have no jalan.
So not enough makan
May be we should check
Here and there, in Kuching and Everywhere,
Got jalan, got makan, got bulan
got jualan,
cher cher
chien chien
jen jen jen
eng eng eng
here come our heroes....

Just in jest....fill in the blanks,
get the right men in the banks
get the right people in the dewan...

Good luck and May God bless Sarawak.


happy chap goh meh
love your blog!!

Frank said...

hey very nice blog..keep it up and i'll keep coming back =)